Psychics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.......

Members of ParaResearchers are often asked, "What is a good psychic?" or "How do I find a good psychic?" Depending upon your own definition of the word "good" the following article should prove to be helpful to most.

Our personal thanks to T. Altuna for researching this topic and compiling her suggestions based on interviews with several local psychics.

Ok, how do you find a good psychic?  Such an easy question really, isn't it? How hard can it be?  You look up the word in the phone book, pick a name, pay your money and he/she will tell you things that will change your life; where you will find the perfect relationship , how to live a healthy life until you're 150 and of course, how much you will win on the lottery ticket that has your name on it. Sounds right, doesn't it?  If only!

How and where do you even start looking? I started on the net (not a great idea), worked my way up to email and phone contacts and then did personal interviews of at least a dozen psychics and asked them to supply me with their own opinions.

What I got was a mixed bag but for the big things they were all unanimous.

Where to find one.

One good place to start is the psychic fairs.  There are many different psychics there and the point  is not to get overwhelmed by it all.  Walk through the whole area first, get a feeling as to what/who is there and then see if anyone stands out and I don't mean has the biggest banner or the most colourful outfit.  Trust your intuition and if you feel more attracted to one than the others then go for it.  The good thing is that at these fairs you can get a mini reading for much less then a full reading and if you are not sure you have chosen the right person you have the opportunity to try someone else and not break the bank.  You can also talk to them before signing up to see if you are comfortable with them. This is very important as you might be discussing personal things with them. All the psychics I talked to were very willing to do this.  They also suggested not to go with one just because your friend did but to walk around and pick one for yourself.  This is your opportunity. In the Toronto area there are two very large fairs ; one in the spring and one in the fall and many, many little ones.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit these fairs then word of mouth or recommendations from friends that you trust are the next best thing. Will they always work out? No, but at least you will know something about the person before going and not have to "cold call" so to speak.

When you are getting the reading what should you be looking for .

Well first of all what kind information are you looking for?

A medium is someone how can connect with people who have passed over.

A tarot reader is someone who has learned and studies the cards that you will be asked to choose yourself.

A clairvoyant has intuitive knowledge (seeing). A clairaudio (hearing). A clairsentient, sometimes called "empathic",(feeling). Clairessence (smell).

Channelers allow others to speak through them.

Psychics can be one or several or all of the above.

Know how the person you are going to see gets their information so that you may gear it towards the information you are hoping to pertain.

I was told several times that a psychic should not direct but guide you. They should provide good insights and information.  They should help by taking your confusion (if there is any)and giving you a clearer perspective so that you can make the right choices. You always have free will and no matter what they tell you, you always have the choice to change things. I was once told that the reading is what is happening right now at this moment, but if you walk out the door and decide to change your ways/thoughts/ideas, etc. then it is a whole new ball game.  Free will… is very important to remember that. Nothing is written in stone.

I believe that no psychic is 100% accurate so when getting a reading take what feels right for you and leave the rest.  Most will give you a taped recording of the session  so you can replay it a few weeks or months later and can judge for yourself what, if anything, has come to pass and how accurate they were. Don't expect perfection but most I have seen are quite good and there is usually a connection with them within the first five minutes.  If they are talking in generalizations ask for more specifics.  You did not pay for general information.  Don't be afraid to ask questions but at the same time do not keep interrupting.  It is best to leave your questions until the end.  Speaking of questions, you should come prepared and have these written down. Write down all of your questions and then some because there is nothing more annoying then having 15 minutes left and you cannot think of anything else to ask so be prepared and list more questions then you think can be answered in the time period but list your most important questions first so that they will be addressed first.

Now for the "red flags". For pete's sake people take your common sense with you. If someone asks for money to remove a curse….run, don't walk away. I was told by a very good psychic that no one should ask for any other money except the price of the reading. PERIOD.  Don't buy into the "someone is doing evil against you" bit and "it will only cost you another $50.00/$500.00/$5,000.00 to remove it".  If this happens at a psychic fair please do report this to the organizer. It is not only unethical but illegal.  These same people can ask you not to tell anyone about the reading.  This is unfortunate as they will prey on the elderly and people who may be in a very vulnerable state. These are the ones that give all other psychics a bad rep.

No good psychic will use scare tactics or intimidation in their readings.

Don't pay for your "special lottery numbers" that will win you the big one.

Don't pay mucho dinero for a "blessed candle" to exorcize evil spirits.

Remember that saying…"Keep an open mind but don't let your brain fall out."

I want to thank all of the psychics who sent me great email and all those I spoke to on the phone.  A special thanks to the psychics at the fair who gave so generously of their time, knowledge and wisdom even when the tape recorder was turned off.  And I also want to give a big thank you to the last one I tried to interview and when asked politely for any comments said…"I don't do anything unless I get paid".  Definitely brought me back to reality. Thank you so very much.

There you have it…the good, the bad and the ugly.

The above are my own personal comments/opinions (T. Altuna) and do not necessarily reflect the views of all P.R.O members. I do not for a minute profess to be an "expert" on this subject, however I sincerely believe that this article will be of genuine help to those seeking a psychic consultation.