Forced Sexual Intercourse During Male Alien Abduction

May the reader please be advised that the following article contains controversial and mature subject matter, which may NOT be appropriate for younger readers. Written as an editorial by a friend of Para-Researchers who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

This abduction predates the Betty and Barney Hill encounter by four years. However, this story didn't surface until about the same time as the Hill case and was overshadowed by it. It is not well known outside UFO circles but it seems to be making the rounds again. It is also an extremely strange story. I remember reading about it way back then. I may not have believed it, but it stuck in my mind.

In 1957, 23 year old Antonio Villas Boas was a Brazilian farmer by trade. For several nights he and his brother had seen strange lights in the sky with one coming so close to their home that they had to close the shutters on the windows to keep the light out. Antonio was ploughing a field alone one night to avoid the heat of the day, when suddenly a UFO approached and landed near him. His tractor had died so he tried to run for it. Several small humanoid creatures captured him and took him into the saucer.

The creatures wore some kind of tight fitting full length outfits and soft helmets which covered all but their eyes. Lenses may have distorted the appearance of their eyes which seemed tiny with a blue tint to them.

His clothing was removed and some kind of liquid was applied to his entire body. He was then led into another room where there appeared to an examining table. Two creatures removed a small amount of blood from his chin and left. From vents in the wall he noticed puffs of smoke or vapour that made him sick to his stomach, after vomiting he felt a little better.

Now in walks a completely naked woman with hair so blonde it was almost white. She had elongated blue eyes and very pale skin with a concentration of freckles on her arms. She had high cheekbones, normal nose and a mouth with thin, almost non-existent lips, and a very pointed chin. Her underarm and pubic hair was almost blood red. She had the most beautiful body that Boas had ever seen.

She didn't speak, but through body language she let it be known that she was going to have her way with him, he did not seem unwilling. They had sexual intercourse twice and then she pushed him away. As she did this she pointed to her belly, smiled as best she could with her thin lips, pointed to the sky, then left the room. Boas became fearful thinking this meant she wanted to take him away, but obviously it meant she was going to have his baby somewhere out among the stars. He was then given a quick tour of the ship by the creatures and released. He watched as the craft shot off skyward.

Any one can see why this event didn't make headlines around the globe. It's just too bloody unbelievable. Just some hot blooded Brazilian boy's sexual fantasy. Actually, his story remained untold for quite some time, it was only relayed to a Brazilian UFO researcher after some urging by Boas' doctor, who was treating him for symptoms of what appeared to be radiation poisoning. Antonio Villas Boas died in 1992 never having made a cent off his experience.

As laughable as this case is, it doesn't stand alone in UFO legend. Here are two more examples of a newer vintage.

(1) Dr. John E. Mack, M.D. writes of a fellow known as Ed, who started to consciously remember an abduction experience from thirty years earlier when he was a teenager. He recalls being floated aboard a ship where he encountered a woman with black eyes that had no pupils or irises, and thin blonde hair. He remembers being extremely attracted to her to the point of having an erection. He then went on to have sexual intercourse with her which included foreplay. However, when placed under hypnosis a much different story unfolds. It seems that instead of his fantasized love match, a machine was placed over his penis that caused arousal and ejaculation. Afterwards he was told by his abductors that his sperm would be used for "special babies" and for "work we're doing to help the people on your planet." Ed felt manipulated but otherwise unaffected.

(2) Budd Hopkins, a noted abduction researcher wrote of several such experiences. All are abductions with forced sexual intercourse. Hopkins just briefly touches on this one but I consider it the most important. A policeman had a similar abduction and forced intercourse experience, the exception being that the female he was mated with was far from human. She looked just like a classic grey alien. This was so horrifying to the man that he basically begged Hopkins to tell him that his experience wasn't real. Budd agreed with him just to ease his mind, but feared the worst. This hardened cop was obviously terrified and traumatized by the experience.

As you can see, all three cases have the common thread of UFO abduction, alien creatures, and sexual intercourse. But there the similarity ends. In the first case, which is seemingly the most absurd, Boas was an eager participant and had sex with what he considered a beautiful woman. Ed, in the second case seemed rather nonchalant about the whole situation, he thought he had had a sexual liaison, but had been duped by the aliens. The third case left the policeman absolutely horrified about his experience.

The vast majority of abducted men have little problem admitting that sperm samples were taken during an abduction using some kind of mechanical device. On the other hand, most men would never be able to let it be known that they had been raped by a woman that didn't even look human. Trust me, it's a macho thing.

Male abductees report this miraculous machine somehow causes them to be aroused enough to cause an ejaculation, which is then neatly scooped up by the same. I admit that this device probably really exists, but I wonder if the stimulation to cause arousal is not forced onto the abductee by the alien's very special brand of mind control.

Anyone the least familiar with the abduction experience has heard the rumours of female humans becoming impregnated by the aliens through some sort of artificial insemination. A month or two later, they become, for lack of a better word, unpregnant. That is, the fetus just simply isn't there anymore. Speculation is that the aliens have re-abducted the victim and removed the fetus to be incubated in one of their nurseries. This phenomenon has been reported many times over the years and has even happened to virgins. I'm not talking about dream sequences here, I'm talking about woman that have been diagnosed by medical doctors as being pregnant, upon their return for a regular checkup there is no sign of them having ever been pregnant, nor is there any evidence of them suffering a miscarriage.

Basically, what I'm getting at in the above paragraph is this: If the aliens are so technically and medically advanced that they can artificially inseminate human women, then remove the extremely premature fetus to be brought to full term in an incubator, then why can they not artificially inseminate their own females, whether they be alien or hybrids? The answer is, they should be able to accomplish this with no problem.

If this is so, then there would be no need for the aliens to introduce a hybrid or alien female into the abduction room for forced intercourse with a human male to produce offspring. An extracted sperm sample inserted into the female alien artificially would produce the needed results. Therefore, forced intercourse makes absolutely no sense, no matter how you slice it. Artificial insemination would also eliminate the possibility of the male being sterile and wasting a perfectly good abduction.

One of the talents the aliens have is the ability to induce images into a victim's mind to make him, or her, believe that they are seeing things that are not really there. It seems they use this mostly for the purpose of tricking the abductee into thinking they're in more friendly surroundings, this allows the abduction to go more smoothly. Since they are so good at this, I wonder if there ever was a woman involved in the abduction at all. Perhaps through imagery the aliens have induced the victim to believe he's actually having a sexual encounter with a female.

I can think of two possible reasons that for the aliens to do such a thing:

1. To observe the emotional and/or physical reactions of a human during the sex act. This is a possibility since the aliens do love to play with our emotions.

2. If the male cannot be properly aroused by the alien's usual methods to cause an ejaculation, then the added stimulus of the victim believing he is performing a real sexual act with a woman may aid in the in a more positive outcome in getting the sample.
This leads me to the conclusion that there was never a female, human, alien, hybrid, or otherwise, ever involved at all in any of these abductions. I believe that it was all illusion induced by the aliens into the victim's mind. However, not everyone is equally susceptible to the power of suggestion.

In the first case it would seem Boas was highly susceptible and had a great old time. He accepted everything he saw and felt without question.

In case two, it would seem that Ed was given a post-hypnotic suggestion to think that he had had a sexual encounter while abducted. Although it took thirty years for this memory to come to the surface, he remembered it without hypnosis. Perhaps the aliens realized that Ed would sometime later recall his experience and it would be better if he remembered a pleasant experience rather than a frightening abduction. Of course, the aliens had no reason to believe that Ed would be later hypnotized and recall his true experience.

The third case, which kind of ties it up for me, involves a police officer. Cops are rigorously trained not to be gullible. They are taught to deal with hard facts and indisputable evidence. Policemen subscribe to the old saying, believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear. It is conceivable that this very training was enough to prevent the aliens from inducing false visions into his mind. He saw both the event and the creature for what they were, hideous. But yet he says he saw the female alien right on top of him. Well, perhaps in cases like this, one of the aliens actually sits on top of the human to enhance the situation. If so, then through illusion, the victim is supposed to see the alien as a rather attractive lady while the machine hums away doing it's job in the background. A very devious but effective means of attaining what they want.

Source Material
(1) Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens,
by John E. Mack, 1994
(2) Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods,
By Budd Hopkins, 1987
I believe both books are still in print. Check your local bookstore or online.