The Russell Park Incident A True Story of My Extraterrestrial Encounter
Now with detailed Sketches, Updates & Footnotes seen at the ed of this encounter. This is truly a wonderful report. Our many thanks to Paul for allowing us to place his story to our sites. My many thanks go out to Mark Hartman. and Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research.
Hi, my name is Paul M. Davis. I have been interested in the subject of aliens, UFOS, and high technology since my first multiple-witness flying saucer sighting in 1984. A flying saucer came down from out of the sky on a clear summer day, and flew toward the windshield of a small Cessna airplane. Watching its erratic maneuvers and its continuous harassment of the people in the plane who did not have much of a way to avoid this thing, my family and I were horrified. My subsequent investigations have led me to an encounter like I will never forget. This true story of my alien abduction has allowed me to tell to whomever will listen about one of the least understood subjects of flying saucers, alien beings, the satellite government, as well as the evil little creatures who guide and pilot the flying saucers.


This true encounter can be extremely intense and stressful to the readers! The account that follows is hinged on the old saying, “ be careful what you wish for you may get it!” Or shall I say the beings can get you anytime and anywhere.

My friends and I had been going to this place called Russell Park, located in upstate New York, in the town of Ilion located in the MohawkValley because we had seen strange erratic moving lights in the night sky on other occasions when we would stay after dark. Year after year at night we began seeing flying saucers in the sky. We knew what they were from the media and books and stories told to us. Due to the flying saucer’s incredible aerial performance, (something that our laws of physics seem to prohibit), such as step maneuvers, hovering motionless, being noiseless and shooting from east to west in a split second, I believe that they were under intelligent control.

They were able to perform hot rod-like movements and avoid each other in unison. These are not just lights in the sky, but metallic objects that seem to emit some kind of plasma trail as they travel and maneuver. I suspect that that is the reason why they look fuzzy in photographs. My friends and I had previously, on several occasions, experienced seeing strange lights in the woods. They were very bright and orange and white in color. We walked through strange hot and cold force field like pockets of air. One December night, the air temperature went from approximately 30 degrees above zero to approximately 30 degrees below zero in an instant. As we walked out of the zone we encountered another patch of air that felt over 100 degrees.

I bent down to tie my boots and noticed strange footprints in the mud that seemed to start and stop as if something was beamed up or picked up from that spot. I used my flashlight to examine the print. I am familiar with many animal foot and paw prints, as well as human boot, sneaker or shoe prints. This was not like any of these. The prints were from a being that must have been bipedal, as they had a curved or horizontal instep to them. It also had three toes and no pattern name or sneaker tread on the bottom of the print. I came back the next day after it had rained. The prints were all damaged except for one. I got a shovel and a box and tried to transplant the entire foot print, feeling that this was better then copying it with plaster or fiberglass resin. The print was so water logged that it fell apart as I tried to transfer it to the box. I was very disappointed that I did not get the print. At least it would have been some sort of proof.

The biggest mistake I made began when my cousin Israel Dupont and I went into Russell Park one night with our flashlights to poke around looking for more alien footprints. We found nothing. We approached a soccer field near a giant water tank near the main road. We were again confronted with flying disks in the night sky flying about erratically. We decided to sit down in a field and watch the show. After few minutes had passed, I noted that my analog watch read2:00 am. We were to be picked up within the next half an hour.

We sat across from each other and began to talk. A few moments later my cousin Israel says, "what’s that over your head"? I thought he was playing a joke on me so I flashed my flashlight up above my head in a signal like motion. The next thing we recall is coming to slowly, in great muscular or nerve pain. I tried to focus my eyes. We had been attacked by a beam of blinding white light. Similar methods are used to stun animals that our scientist study and tag. I could hear my cousin moaning in pain. He was as stunned as I was. I called out to him, "What the hell was that?”. I was having some sort of muscular and or nerve spasm all over my body. It felt like a major electric shock or as if I was hit several times all over my body by baseball bats. Since I had known about this kind of “blinding technique” as seen, for instance, in the Travis Walton abduction account in Snowflake, Arizona many years previously, I remembered to look at my watch since missing time is also a common occurrance with these types of abductions. For an event to take place in our reality as of the type of things described by abductees it clearly must exist scientifically in our time. Sure enough, 20 minutes had passed. I told Israel that now we would have hurry back through the woods to catch our ride that would be coming at 2:30 am. We barely made it. We kept quiet about what had happened. We thought of filling out a police report but thought that they would laugh at us or lock us up.

Several weeks later, I began having awful nightmares about demonic-like aliens. I became a nervous fearful person soon after. I have been put on medication to keep me calm. I was able to recall the incident fully. The alien craft came down. It was noiseless. I assume it had landing gear because it was not resting on its belly. I saw a ramp open as if inviting me in. I went up the ramp, ducking as I went in, the floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of my feet almost most like a skin more then a metal ramp. I went inside where I noticed it was somewhat dimly lit. I did not see my cousin Israel anywhere. Before me were huge walls or doors. I'm not sure. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger then the outside of the craft. The walls were about 12 feet high. They were metallic in color and arranged in an octagonal design. There were about 5 walls. Each wall had a large symbol that looked like it was burned into it. It was complex looking. Each wall had a different pattern on it.

I began to receive messages in my head from an outside source. I turned my head to the right, where I saw three horrible looking gray aliens with large heads and child-like bodies sitting around some sort of flying saucer biological hi-tech computer device. They did not look up at me. I asked questions with my mind. I got answers quickly.

My first question to these technological, demons as I call them, was

“What are you and where are you from”?

I was informed that these creatures were just advanced, bipedal animals with the soul or spirit of demons with great scientific knowledge that we on earth could not begin to understand. Their physics seems to have no limits. I was very shocked by all this. I prayed to God for help. I began having heart palpitations, shallow breathing and tunnel vision. I fought to keep my senses. I began thinking about all the abduction cases I had read about. The ship did not have a matter antimatter reactor in the center of the floor as Mr.Lazar has led the public to believe or anywhere else on the ship. It was surprisingly simple. The floor of the craft had an interesting giant, wagon like pattern with lines coming out from the center from a single focused point. There were no windows immediately in view. I believe they were behind the octagonal doors. I was told that each symbol on the doors were of an advanced demonic language. One symbol was the equivalent of a massive database of knowledge.

"How do you navigate through space and survive?'' was my next question.

I was told that they used their minds for navigational purposes. A biological to digital control as best as they could explain it to me, in human terms. It took 3 aliens to properly fly and navigate this thing for interstellar travel. I could see the top of the cylinder. It was like looking at an advanced 3-d computer monitor with images stacked over images, like a hologram. The screen was round like a computer monitor that would be laid face up. What I think I saw were star charts. I saw lines connecting the constellations on it and it had alien font or hieroglyphics data on the outer rim of this device. The aliens told me that they made it work by placing their hands on what I could only describe as a control panel that the aliens had both their hands placed into the indentation that matched their hand shape perfectly. Two fingers and what looked like an opposable thumb. It was clearly an advanced computer keyboard.

I asked them about the strange spandex like suits they were wearing.
This is something I have wondered about from speaking with others who have been abducted that mention these little uniforms.

The ET’s told me that the tight diver suits that they were wearing had a triple fold purpose, allowing them to travel in space by blocking radiation, offering muscular resistance, and as a body temperature regulator. It had a stun gun like defense weapon when touched or attacked by any abductees.

I asked how the craft's power plant worked.

I was told that the craft worked off of highly advanced electromagnetic propulsion. Some sort of drive unit residing in the underside of the craft that could create a bluish-white shield to help cope with particle collision and debris in space as well as allow the craft to be pulled from one large body or planet to another.

I was told that the spacecraft could contract and expand space itself once the saucer’s pilots were ready to go from planet to planet or from any large gravitational object such as a moon or a sun. In front of the saucer, space was contracted and behind the saucer expanded what was once contracted.This was accomplished by sending electrical power to all six sides of the gravity manipulation drive hidden under the floor of the craft. Moving from point a to point b, basically traveling without going beyond light speed and little linear travel. Trying to build a science fiction like warp engine such as Star War’s Millennium Falcon. Since that way is still so slow to reach any new planets that method would take 37 years to reach our nearest neighboring star.

I asked them what their purpose here was.

I heard no answer at first. So I asked again, almost demanding to know what they are doing to mankind. I thought this question over and over.

Silence, then deception was sensed by me. I felt a real link to these beings by this telepathy communication that was transpiring. They began communicating with each other telepathically, then one of them sitting at the far end of this cylinder looked at me which scared me when I saw the size and blackness of its eyes. They related to me that they have been studying our defense systems for a long time, as well as our spiritual development. They are trying to live on this planet but are still unable to breathe our atmosphere to some point. I sensed that this is why they are taking sperm and eggs from abductees to produce a being that can live on earth.

I got the feeling that these things have a devious mission that is being carried out all over the world. I was told that their technology was 9,000 years more advanced then ours and that they have been coming to earth for 6,000 of those years in these crafts. The design of these crafts have not all been the same. I was told that big city-like saucers exist that are 10 to 20 miles in diameter! I was shown a satellite photograph of the

Mars landscape, in a region they named Nephilim by my CIA friend and they had a computer calculate the size of this thing compared to the volcano and it was about 5-10 miles across. I also was told that the large v-shaped crafts that were seen over cities such as Arizona,Illinois and Belgium were there to test our military and public response. This can only mean one thing in my mind. I n v a s i o n!

I did have a chance to ask them where they come from, for that was a burning question on my mind.

They would not answer me, as one looked away from me with his head down. They seemed to be in a trance like state and I'm glad they were.

I asked again and again.

There was no answer.

I saw them place their hands on the cylinder-like device before them. I felt the ship lift up. As the door closed I became weightless and disoriented as if the saucers hull material could block gravity waves. I seemed to black out after that. 20 minutes gone?

Was I taken into space?

I'm not sure. I can t recall everything. It was a lot of information for me to remember. I’m surprised I have had such recall. Recall as I call it began about 6 months after the encounter.

“Looking into the creature’s eyes was the most frightening moment of this encounter!”

The more I remember the more sick I feel. I can remember looking out of a window-like viewer at the earth as part of the craft’s hull became see through. I became very fear-stricken in the years to come.

I have not really benefited from this incident. Once you get something inside your head you may not get it out. While my encounter with the aliens was not too bad compared to other well known documented alien abduction cases such as Betty and Barney Hill or Travis Walton or the Alagash Incident, it did frighten me nonetheless. I just couldn't believe I was there. I touched the wall of the craft and felt a lot of heat but the inside of the craft was cold. I have training in martial arts and guerrilla warfare since the age of 14, but nothing could help me that night, except for prayer. I am now 31 years old.

If the government is allowing aliens to come here to abduct people and there is strong evidence out there that this is happening. The aliens seem to be learning or studying everything they can about our current state of technology possible for an exchange of technologies and or even the flying discs themselves. After all, this thing can me made into quite a weapon in our government's hands. Instead of using it for high speed travel, they immediately want to reverse engineer, it such as the case with the foreign technology divisions all over this country as well as research and testing of E.T.S’ crafts at Area 51 in Nevada.

My Conjecture as a Believer in Jesus Christ and in God

The fact that I am a Christian may be one of the reasons I seemed to have some control over these aliens by asking them questions and not being poked and prodded by some alien test probe or implant. I do pray against these beings and against their technology and pray to keep my sanity after such a bizarre encounter, however many point out that god is in control somehow watching over people. I would like to say that god did not stop the deaths of all those people who died from the Atomic Bomb. Did he? Nor did he stop the bombings during World War II that devastated civilian areas of Germany. So I don’t see that he would necessarily stop these beings from coming here to do their apparent malevalent purposes.

I feel the end time will take place in 20 or 30 more years. I believe when the born again are taken up bodily by the millions, that the public will believe aliens came with giant saucers and took everyone away to prove their power over us. I believe the antichrist will come from or say he is from outer space. He will be Satan's son. Satan always copies god. This man will be of great value to the United States government because he will be able to answer any question put to him. Questions such as medical, technological and highly advanced knowledge on how to build super computers and star wars defense like systems, clearly making him the seemingly most important man on earth. He will be sought after my millions. He will claim to bring peace that will unite everyone just before world war three breaks out. After all, in the nuclear, age the true enemy cannot be destroyed. That is the nature of war and the missiles and their technology.

I feel that these beings have a soul or are demon possessed, because demons cannot influence mankind very well without a body. I feel that now that they have a body and a potentially infinite weapon of destruction and travel that is the awesome and powerful flying disc itself. The bible says that demons will walk with men on earth some day. You say, no one would allow this, they would all be scared of them. Well, what if they were called aliens, wouldn’t the public be more receptive to them and also if they promised us medical and technological advancement. Believe me if they are smart enough to build the ultimate high tech interstellar craft, they certainly could give us all sorts of medical and technological knowledge. Demons are smarter then men. They have powers that we do not fully understand or even know about. Just imagine the facility that it would take to built a flying saucer. Awesome, yet frightening!

I feel that these aliens have been coming here for thousands of years. They are not something imaginary or fictitious. They seem to be gathering massive amounts of data on us. They know how to sabotage our power systems causing blackouts, cars to stall, machines to start running with no operator, as if some form of magnetism had turned them on or is powering them.

Believe me or not, this is my testament. I have waited years to release it for fear of public and family ridicule. I am burdened by this knowledge and not as enlightened as one might think. I think about it often and am quite disturbed about it. I don't enjoy many things any more like I used to. I feel awful panic and have anxiety spells when I think of where I was what I saw and what I have learned. Knowledge is sometimes a burden. Be careful what you wish for you my not like what you get.

My witnesses at Russell Park:

Israel Dupont of Utica, New York-is witnesses to alien footprints and flying disc aerial sightings-

Justin Davis of Little Falls, New York is witness to the alien footprints and flying aerial sightings

Patricia Bonville, of Utica, New York-as well as Donald Avery of Herkimer, New York and Justin Davis-witness to strange force fields in the park.

Ray Hagadorn, my friend and Jimmy Hagadorn, Ray's cousin and my friend witness to more footprints at night and to strange hot and cold pockets in the forest.

Donald Avery and myself Paul M. Davis

I finally felt that I had to tell this story to the world, and to share the E.T.S’ technology to the rest of the world.

I have spent a lot of time making sketches from what I can remember, as well as trying to understand what was inside the craft. I have recalled more of the experience as time went on. Reading about some of our technology in books, and studying my own mechanical designs, would suddenly trigger memories from the incident. I was told the basics of how the E.T.S’ spacecraft works. I was told to tell others. I was told in the simplest form of communication of what did what inside the craft. I have a small background in engineering that I have studied out of books and some hands on experience that helped me understand what they were relating to me.

Everyone has always wondered how these craft are able to defy gravity in some form and propel themselves toward other planets. Robert Lazar who lied when he claimed to reverse engineer these things out in area 51, has been exposed for what he truly is, a liar. I read all his b.s. about how these craft were powered what they looked liked, how they traveled in space etc. Nothing I saw in the craft was like anything he described.

“Here is more recalled information on what I saw inside the alien craft”

I stood inside the saucer. I remember seeing even smaller gold cryptic symbols or hieroglyphics on the floor. They seemingly were linked to the center of the craft’s floor, spanning towards the bottom part of the inner walls of the craft. From where I was standing, I could see a large spinning gold or copper like ring beneath me, under the partially transparent floor, that aside from having small cryptic symbols, was partly like a giant circular tinted glass, maybe 25 feet in diameter. I also could see a giant copper like electrical control bearing the same diameter as the ships inner hull. Before I could ask, I was told by the E.T.S. that this device was part of the drive unit of the ship. I could see bluish-white electrical bolts or the consequences of them actually that looked somewhat dim due to the floors tinted glass. I could feel a vibration in my legs that also seemed to hurt the fillings in my teeth. I was told that this copper band spins to generate power much like a giant automotive alternator. I could see part of the gravity drive manipulator, as explained to me by them in basic terms of English language that that’s what I should call it. It was in the shape of a square or rectangle placed in the center of the craft. Before I asked about what this thing beneath me was, The beings confirmed my thoughts, that it was the engine of the craft. I did see large thick, bolts of lightening shooting out of this box that seemed to be twisting in the form of an arc. The color of the electrical bolts was bluish white. It seemed to pulsate, as though the saucer was a car just idling in one place. I heard a humming noise that sounded like a diesel truck running in the distance. The hair on my forearms felt like it was standing up or being pulled straight from static electricity. The hair on my head also was magnetized. It was like the same effect when you touch your television after you have just turned it on or off and you feel and hear the static electricity with your hands or forearm as you wipe dust off it. I saw what looked like a giant circular copper coil winding on top of the box. I would like to state that the knowledge in my head that seemed to be directed from the aliens at me was not like hearing one word at a time but like entire paragraphs of sentences answering my thought questions and telling me things that I must know. I know this all sounds real wild and crazy but I think I can provide a scientific explanation of how certain devices on the craft worked.

They told me that these copper-like rings were insulated by a diamond, or quartz-like element that enhanced the ships performance and stability. I was told that the craft can emit a shield-like generation of highly pressurized electricity that protects the saucer from dangerous floating and shooting debris encountered while traveling in space.

The gravity manipulator as I was told, had six fixed points on it, north, south, east, west, up and down. I thought about this for a few weeks and figured out that the reason why these craft look jerky when seen flying around on video tapes and by eye witness reports, is due to the craft being pulled by its gravity manipulator.

For example, they can be traveling north, then move south without turning it jerky movements that we have seen in videos and by eyewitness accounts, but no diagonal movement in between while in flight, but no movements as northeast, southeast, north west etc. Maybe they should have added more sides to the manipulation unit to allow four more sides to the box with four more coil windings that would allow those other movements thus making the crafts flight not so seemingly erratic. It is movements like these that make some physicists and UFO researchers make these crafts not from earth. They give themselves away by non- standard flight, such as the way our aircraft fly. Then again, maybe the craft is built that way to purposefully evade our earthly aircraft with high-speed step maneuvers that these craft are so widely known to perform. One ancient account reads as follows by a roman soldier

“from Apary, east of Rome a burning shield passed by, it sparkled from the east to the west and was not unlike a discus.”

This account certainly matches the sightings we have today proving that our government and Hollywood could not have influenced this witness from even television or radio since all that didn’t exist back then.

I was told by the beings that they are able to with stand the punishing G forces these craft generate when flying around in our atmosphere. I was told that this ability is due to the fact that once the ship closes its ramp the crafts hull material blocks gravity. An incredible material for sure. That means that the craft's engine, beings, controls, etc. would become weightless. There would be very little momentum in space from the craft to allow it to do such incredible maneuvers. I feel that this incredible material, if we could make and harness it, could allow NASA to build giant spacecraft that could carry a great payload weight free and not have the weight of the engine holding the ship back. Maybe this hull material is what was reportedly recovered during the infamous 1947 Roswell Crash in New Mexico. Perhaps the flying disc can hover without an engine even being in it by using this gravity blocking material. It might even float like a blimp. Now you don't need to worry about an engine failure that downs the aircraft, because it would just sit still to some extent. With the craft's engine not being used exclusively for antigravity, it could be directed towards other important tasks aboard the craft such as space travel and maneuvering.

Of course, the purpose of the drive unit inside the craft is to get it from point a to point b. I was told that the gravity manipulator, which is the engine of the craft is able to have one magnetic coil-winding “attract”, as the one directly behind it “repels”, to complete a powerful magnatomic drive system that uses the earth’s lay lines as a partial power source and guide-like path. I was told that the hull of the craft has an inner and outer shell formed in one piece. Between the two walls some sort of powerful chemical reaction takes place, much like a highly advanced hydrogen cell, allowing the entire craft's hull to act like one giant battery.

I asked the aliens how they could stand the harshness of space. They told me that the ship's hull material also acts as a thermal protective barrier to protect the occupents inside the craft from heat, cold , radiation from sun flares, etc. that are a constant in space. They may have advanced minds but they still need to protect their rather frail bodies from exposure. I was told that their suits, (the tight gray diver-like suits that abductees say they see them wearing), were made for muscular resistance, using a type of artificial muscles within the suit to provide muscular resistance in space. This is so that their muscles would not atrophy as our astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have experienced. The suits are also radiation and germ proof, and have an electric charge that can stun you if you touch them. I don't know why I was picked to tell this to the world but I feel that that is the wish of these aliens. I was told that from time to time they do give out technical and spiritual development knowledge to some humans. They told me that a man named Wendell Stephens had had a volume of information translated into books that tells about some of the things I have said. I am still trying to find this guy and have only seen him on an old UFO show that I watched recently. I'd like to get a copy of that data so I can confirm more of my account to myself as well as others. It seems that these beings have overcome and built a lot of things that we can only dream about. Their technology is the equivalent of magic in my opinion. We need to learn how to investigate these sighting by looking for types of minescule clues they may leave behind. After all consider that almost all hard core criminals are caught using similar forensic methods to collect microscopic evidence. If similar, both more advanced techniques could be used or developed could help prove people’s abduction claims and other E.T.S’ lose encounter claims.

I’d like to remind everyone that the alien research going on at Area 51 or (dreamland) is no longer near Groom Lake in Nevada. How do we know this, the absence of activity in the sky? However their 40 story underground facility may still be there. You don’t much of the stuff because many of these types of facilities are underground. Most likely in the desert regions of the U.S. and one in Puerto Rico as well as a NORAD like defense and watch system inside an oil rig off the coast of Florida as I am told by my underground sources. We won’t be seeing any more activity from Groom Lake, thanks to Mr.Lazar’s b.s. story, about reverse engineering and seeing alien bodies at Area 51. It’s very unlikely that this technician and photographer would have access to the United States greatest secret, because of his foolishness it has now limited where we UFO Chasers can go to watch strange craft in the night sky.

“It doesn’t matter if all the stories are true, are any true?”

I'm sure many stories are not, or are simply mistakes by the witnesses. But how many are true? Some UFO’s are extraterrestrial but not all. I don’t want to be judged by some group of skeptics who heard a wild story from a guy trying to make money off of a bogus encounter as several of them like Robert Lazar have done. I have received no money from anyone for this account.

This volume of information that I was taking in from the aliens from mind to mind felt like my head was going to overload or snap. That was the worst feeling I ever had. It seemed as if they all spoke as one, even though there were only three of them that I saw. I suspect that they were more behind this hexagonal wall shape.

I was told that they have had these crafts for over 6000 years and have perfected them to their fullest. This may account for the UFO reports of the past., such as the ancient Roman's testimony that states. Some of the things I was told was that a secret organization called Avenger was formed with the help of NORAD, NASA agents from the NSA and CIA and men who work in the Pentagon play a large part in keeping this cover up going. They don't tell every president the truth. They have their expert sources tell the presidents that this entire phenomenon is in the heads of the American people and that any aerial sightings phenomenon are our American secret new sky and attack black project's aircraft. I was told that several presidents were told about this problem, namely Hoover, Truman, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr., after all he did work as the head of the CIA for several years. I was told that alien who look like men who have been taken as children out of their mother womb and raised and have had their minds genetically altered for a super intelligence boost and raised as spies intelligence gatherers and government infiltrators. Yes. They look human in every way. That’s how they are successful. Just as if a Chinese man is raised by a middle class, white family, and people see him they assume he is from China for obvious reasons. But his allegiance will be to his family and he will have his own independent beliefs inside that differ from his fellow Chinese. This is the exact blending in that these aliens were telling me. I felt that I had authority over the mental conversations we had. I don’t know if these aliens were defectors or what, to be giving up such secrets but I was under the impression that all the alien beings do not share the same beliefs. The problem lies as the gray aliens seen to be the more malevolent beings then the full size reptile-like aliens that Betty and Barney Hill spoke to. I was told that they were very weary and tired of being the slaves to their agencies that govern their world. Since they can read each other’s minds, no crime takes place from one being against another wishing him harm. These alien bodies are someone’s genetic experiment with the soul of a demon. That was clearly understood my me. I did get a brief chance to look into the eyes of the alien at the far side of the computer cylinder as I call it, that gave me a real creepy feeling like I have never had. The creature’s eyes are very sensitive to the light. That is why most of their dirty work such as cattle mutilations and human abductions are done at night.

I was told that these beings can not stay on earth yet. They do not breathe our atmosphere very well. They are trying to genetically change themselves so that they can breathe our earth's environment. As far as any alien abduction marks on my body, I do have a healed up hole in in my back down and to my left. The hole looks big enough that had I gotten hurt somewhere it would have needed stitches. I haven t had it all my life, so where did it come from. As far as any abductions that may have taken place that I cannot recall totally, I do recall more things when I am into my studies. For example sometimes I'll go to a hospital emergency room, hear someone screaming in pain and it will trigger a memory of me laying on a table in a dimly lit room held down and screaming from not understanding where I am or how I got there. I really wish these thoughts wouldn’t haunt me. It’s just something else in life that tries to destroy our way of living. I have coped with this subject for quite some time and I believe the advantage I had over the aliens is that I had studied the way mechanical and computer things work, as well as I can. This understanding has brought a little comfort to me. I really am intrigued and impressed by the being’s technology. I was told by the beings that they can travel from planet to planet by contracting space in front of them and expanding it behind them for a warp speed type of mode. I was told that the flying saucer stays on target because of giant lay lines that exist between the pull of two opposing planets. This advanced lay line also is the number one reason why the ship can go from planet or nearest star to nearest star in a relative short time.

I was told that astronauts cannot pilot these ships for several reasons, one being that when they go from planet to planet, this lay line has such a incredible magnetic field that the minds of the astronauts cannot cope or overcome this. They would be left a mental and physical vegetable. Why do demons or the spirit of the beings need flying saucers to get around. Well, I figured out that one on my own. In order for then to do great damage or accomplish abduction feats they must use a physical body and the flying saucers as well as the alien's protective uniforms are needed to protect their somewhat frail bodies. These beings are conditioned for extended periods in space that go far beyond our astronauts physical and mental abilities.

As far as standard abductions, go I asked why do people claim to be put back in the same position and location they claim to have been abducted at. Such as if you were reading a book, sitting upright in a chair as they abducted you and were left in the same place when the abduction was done. The answer was that these peoples' stories are less likely to be believed by this method and therefore, to skeptics discrediting them. These beings' fear exposure to the world's peoples. It seems that the government public lack of interest in these abductions is highly suspicious. Sometimes not saying something is like saying something. We don’t care if people are abducted. They must feel that we need to befriend at least some of the E.T.S, because they can wipe us out. Since my own personal background includes studying guerrilla warfare, I can say that the single most devastating way that these aliens and their technology can hurt us is by their ability to attack our electronic systems. Attacks such as cars stalling, trains stalling, military bases losing power as a UFO flys down their runway. There are government records that report this; see Col. Hult's UFO encounter back in the early 80's in Rendlesham Forest in England. Vehicles do not start if a flying disk is in the area as well as power outages on a large scale. Make the enemy deaf and blind and then devastate him by force to obtain your goal. All of our computer advancements are actually crippling this country, and if the E.T.S decided to invade we will be either destroyed or enslaved.

I was told that the interest of these beings coming to earth in such great quantity in the summer of 1947 that has been verified my the military visually and on radar was due to the fact that the country of Israel had became a nation. I was told that the next time a great mass of sighting will occur is three years after Israel signs a new peace treaty.
This is disturbing news, but it is also something we can all monitor and wait for.

I was also told by these beings that some of our most intelligent scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Nikolei Tesla, and Sir Issac Newton, as well as some of our greatest spiritual leaders, had had their brains chemically stimulated while in the womb during alien abductions in an effort to help bring about the end of our world by giving us the nuclear bomb and other advanced weaponry. These famous men were able to use unknown areas of the brain due to stimulation using alien abduction techniques. This also may account for some incredible psychics like Sylvia Browne, who do have god-like powers.

I was told clearly by the E.T.S that everything hinges on control and the battle for men's souls. I'm talking about the bible account from Ezekiel that talks of a flying saucer encounter as well as the word Nephilim which translates from the Greek into the “ones who fell from the sky”. What's interesting about his sighting near the Chebar River, was the fact that he said the objects moved but did not turn as they moved and that the souls of the beings he saw were inside the wheel within a wheel believed to be a flying saucer. They may have referred to the eyes of these craft that were simply some sort of alien collision lights used on the craft. After all I do read the bible and have seen statements that said that some demons had metal teeth! So if that’s true, can't they use metal to build flying saucers or even unknown underground cities on Mars or its moons? Satan a.k.a. the dragon, battled angels now turned into demons that had battled for heaven and then lost to God’s angels. I asked where exactly was heaven and they told me that heaven is not in one place but that is all around us. That it is like a giant circle with us at the center with billions of other galaxies that lie beyond our galaxy. They told me that the universe is teeming with biological and spiritual life. You cannot see spiritual beings in space because we are not spirits yet. The universe looks lifeless but these E.T.S say it’s not true but that it teams with more life than anyone on earth could possibly know about.

I was told that World War 3 would happen. The United States and all its allies would be waring against the Middle East and China. Their first nuclear- based attack will be on New York City. I was also told that the Middle East considers it to be our greatest city and that will be why that is the first city chosen to be destroyed.

*A possible starting place as to where World War III might begin*

I've studied the Gulf War and Desert Storm, and I knew that unless the United States had eliminated Sadam Hussein, and not just simply crippled the Iraqes' sizeable military force for approximately 10 years, the way President Bush Sr. had planned, that all Sadam would do is learn from his mistakes and build a better army with better weapons for the next round by buying or stealing technology from the Soviet Union and from China. Technology that would be far more devastating than before, and weapons that can reach the United States. It seems very apparent that at least one type of extraterrestrial race would like to see us blow ourselves up. This is not a fantasy from the movie Independence Day either. This information deeply concerns me.

“Did I have a real encounter with E.T.S or did I just dream it all?”

Here is my defense. In many of mine, and in other people's dreams, they do not always dream in a first person perspective. I worked out a very simple solution to know how to differentiate most dreams from reality. Here my theory. If you can see your face or back or entire body then you are dreaming. It’s as simple as that. My encounter was seen directly through my own eyes and not as an observer to myself in a dream. Dreams do not cause temporary blindness and nerve and muscle pain and damage, as my cousin and I experienced from the light from the saucer overhead. Yes I have read UFO stories, but my first encounter back in 1984 was before I even got into the subject. As a matter of fact that multiple eyewitness sighting is what got me interested in this subject. As skeptics say these are memories from Hollywood. Well if that is true then why didn’t the saucers interior resemble something I have read in a book or saw in a Hollywood movie or remembered the Lazar story that did initially believe. I remember saying to myself as I walked up the ramp to the saucer that I wonder if I am going to see what Mr. Lazar said was in it. I did at one time believe him so that’s what my mind should have put there if it was just a dream or fantasy.

I had never seen any device or aliens before. These beings looked similar to what people draw but not exact. Their eyes were more round than almond shaped. And as for the interior of the ship looking bigger then the outside I never would have thought that was possible as my education in engineering tells me this is impossible on this planet. I would like to say that the flying saucer was a dead ringer for that one that the individual government deep throat guardian provided of a saucer close to him on the ground in Canada. As for the aliens, they looked like the one in the short film called Alien Interview. No one draws these things exactly the same but they all are similar. I do have on medical record a muscle disease called fibrositis and fibromyalgia. This is a permanent condition that I have had since my encounter with these beings. I did not have it before the encounter, as the medical records will show. If anyone would like to try and get these medical records I can give them the names of the doctors I have seen for this on going condition. I can't work on my car anymore or lift medium weight objects without being in pain for hours and sometimes weeks after. I hope this speaks for my encounter as one form of proof. I also have post-traumatic stress disorder that no doctor seems to know what brought it on since I wasn’t in a war or anything like that.

“My theories about”

The satellite government nicknamed (Avenger) by those in black projects use underground areas like area 51. Other underground facilities similar to it are now playing a major role in the greatest galactic cover up of all time against the world people.”

Are our government’s attempts at breaking down the E.T.S’ technology successful?

Probably not. The two technologies involved here can't mate together well enough. We can't control interstellar crafts with our minds and simple control systems such as these beings are able to do and to prove my theory, no country has built a device that can match the performance and capabilities of a flying saucer. If someone had they would rule the planet, being able to attack other countries with complete immunity. Its potential for military use is great. That's the first thing governments all over the world will try to do. They always try to make a weapon out of new or recovered advanced technology. Instead of using it for better transportation from point a to point b or to fly to other planets.

To try and control a device like a flying saucer with our technology and computers is simply too primitive to work effectively. We're talking about two different advancements of technology, quantum physics and their physics.

These beings’ minds are clearly so advanced as to be able to effectively control their spacecraft easily, while keeping them from crashing into each other. As they have been seen flying dangerously close to our aircraft without a worry and many airplane pilots have reported these structured objects in the sky close enough to see that they are not from here. It's not a danger for them because they can read the minds of our aircraft pilots. They were able to read my mind.

Some skeptics don't believe in telepathy or powers of the mind. Some skepticism is good for people, but not when a phenomenon this big is going on. People see these crafts and E.T.S all over the world and these are people who have lived through the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's that are strangers to each other telling the same story. And what about the reports that go back thousands of years can that be influenced by television or radio as skeptics still claim.

I feel that any beings who can fly instellar in a short time using such advanced technology would have most likely have spent a very long time working on their development, making incredible biological technological and mental leaps as great as their technology shows that they are capable of. You can't teach a monkey to fly an F14 Tomcat, now can you? So why would someone think that we could fly and or even understand fully the E.T.S’ technology.

As for the way the E.T.S explained the control mechanism of the ship, aside from the drive unit I spoke of earlier, they use a form of telepathy and advanced physical touch control systems that are used for a twofold purpose. One to help pilot the ship and the other two navigate it through space. I can barely image the support base or foundry that have the technology to build these things.

I was told by one of my sources, that the beings out at Area 51, from at least as far back as the early 1970's, are helping to train our pilots to fly these space craft and that's if they have gotten any recovered alien space craft that have crashed here intact. They usually fall to earth from being shot down by microwave and particle beam satellites using the aliens own technology against them that was recovered from the 1947 Roswell craft. If one or two flying saucers, one at Roswell and one at Corona, New Mexico had not been brought down by their own error, or as believed by a mid-air collision or a fierce lightening storm in and around Roswell, we probably wouldn't have the power over the aliens that we do today and that's not even much. I believe the reason why so many flying saucers were seen in that area is due to the fact that a nuclear bomb had been tested nearby and it was the home of the United State’s atomic bomb wing. I feel that their job at that point would have been no different from our Intelligence gathering agencies. In order to keep a cover up of this magnitude going on, where the evidence is in our faces all over the world, both sides the government and the E.T.S. would have to be in a collaboration. To those naysayers and skeptics who say the government couldn't keep such a galactic cover up going, it should be remembered that the A bomb, the SR71 Blackbird, the U2 spy plane also, (until it was shot down), as well as many black projects that Congress is being told don’t exist such as the tr3b, told to me by my sources to be the ultimate aircraft short of an alien flying disk built on the principles of crashed flying disks that were out at Area 51 before it moved may be our only defense against these saucers if we could built an army of them. To learn more about the tr3b talk to Edgar Foo-shay, an electronics engineer who worked at Area 51. The craft was also seen in Belgium, easily out maneuvering their MIGS. Some Belgium police officers who witnessed the tr3b still think it was an alien craft due to its performance as seen on radar and in multiple eye witness accounts. All the triangular aircraft seen around the world in one way or another have been built copying some of the recovered flying disks. It's a shame to live in a country that is willing to trade warfare making technology for cattle mutilations and human abductions.

Please realize that the aliens I saw were not like one ones Betty and Barney Hill told about in their story. Those aliens were said to have spoken using their mouths. It seems like there is more then one type of alien and different space crafts visiting earth or that may even be here such as former president Ronald Reagan said in over 18 lectures, “not an alien force already among us?”

Any suggestions from reader that have been abducted or have encountered alien activities can e-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Paul M. Davis

“Here are my sketches of what I saw and was told about the craft.”


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