May Is UFO Month In Canada - a positive look at E.B.E contact.

The following has been kindly submitted by a friend of Pararesearchers for your consideration. Please note that not all of those whom claim contact with E.B.E view it in a positive light. However, we respect all beliefs. Enjoy!

The UFO COVERUP is the greatest political scandal of this or any other age in human history. In an effort to bring this matter out into the open, the popular CBC Radio host, Jack Farr of Winnipeg, initiated the theme "MAY IS UFO MONTH IN CANADA" and the UFO Community has celebrated ever since. Many newspapers picked up Jack's theme and ran UFO stories in May.

"The burden of proof is on those making the claim" is the Official Global Government position on the U.F.O. phenomena. This leaves countless thousands of world citizens classified as being babbling nincompoops, when they try to describe their interdimensional experiences. MAY is the month when we try to blow the lid off this mystery and uncover the facts.

UFO abductees are often implanted with a mission. I was asked to accept the responsibility of collecting and correlating the various proofs of the good intent, of our extra terrestrial friends, who have come to elevate mankind into to higher planes of consciousness.

The EBE's (extra biological entities) who abducted me in September 1973 were able to convey vast amounts of information during a fifteen hour period. I have spent thirty years organizing the data that I received in one tachyon light flash of intelligence exchange. At that time, I came to understand that "Time" is "Light" and that once we reach a certain point of enlightenment we become like chicks breaking out of our cosmic egg, in our final transition to God-Man. It is all very natural like the morphogenetic experience of the caterpillar into a the butterfly.

The laws governing the Universe are known to global scientists. Albert Einstein, and indeed to all discerning people, know that Universal patterns are exquisitely harmonic.

MAY opens with the Festival of Beltane which celebrates the return of the light. New signs of life are all around us. Spring flowers with glorious colours come to greet us. In May it is easy to understand the harmonics of Love and Life. No society, whether terrestrial or otherwise can defy the perfection of synergetic harmonics. It merely breaks itself against the evolutionary thrust to the DNA completion of our hominid specie, which decrees that STUPIDITY is the unforgivable sin.

The Space Ships carry time travellers. Having been down the time tunnels, I understand that "time" is never wasted. In the Egyptian thesis MAY is celebrated as the month of ISIS, who presents the Universe as a series of perfectly balanced wheels, which when understood, spin in all dimensions like a precise swiss watch movement.

Like many others, my UFO encounter caused major financial and business losses, when I spoke out on behalf of the EBE's. This situation could not be settled by any normal forms of justice due to the "invisibility factor" of the whole phenomena, which allows for no legitimate frame of reference. My Mohawk lawyer's advice was to "spill the beans", saying there is nothing in existing legal systems to cover the U.F.O. situation. This leaves the victims vulnerable to many forms of exploitation and very real social abuse. Public JUSTICE applied to this situation will contribute to our planetary salvation.

What is this mystery? What is so strange about UFO's that our western world leaders are unwilling to admit they exist? Russia, has long since led the world in investigation of the paranormal. Some of her best scientific minds are employed in UFO research. The agelong barriers of religious superstition, need an update, in that they have created divisions, whereas the new form of SPIRITUALITY is a unifying factor.

The answer to the coverup mystery is simple. There is nothing new under the sun and scores of woodcuts from the past verify the UFO presence in historical records. The fearful reaction by the Establishment stems from the realization that visitations from other planetary bodies represent the end of the old world order as we knew it. Genesis I represented man's upward mind-journey to the "promised land" of Genesis II, where high technology, harnessed to positive solutions, by light-transformed people, who see the infinite possibilities of life in Genesis II.
EBE's come to bring us the key to the bottomless pit of a "Reptilian Brain" dominated society. No mature person can continue to turn a blind eye to the mess our world is in. "Democracy" means nothing. Putting our decision making in the hands of people we presume know more than we do about what is right ends catastrophically. The shock of borderline insanity and irresponsibility, (like wild overspending, destruction of the environment, overfishing, and animal rights abuses), multiply daily. VIOLENCE is not the WILL OF THE COMMONALITY.
"Citadels in Cyberspace' have made the public aware of these unreasonable trends. The closed doors system, has run this planet for the benefit of the elite few, since the beginning of time is no longer valid. The illusion of democracy crumbles, once governments have no secrets, or secret agents to perform functions which have no place in an open society. The common man turns the wheel of the mighty transnational oligarchy which governs all nations, regardless of their overt political affiliations.

Knowing that Earth's Leaders compete for hi-tec power, EBE, has handed out technological titbits, to dazzle the imagination. But their true aim is to enlighten the common people. Establishing EBE land bases, by which to complete our transformation has taken several decades. In Canada, after an intense interrogation, the CSIS & RCMP hold 87 pages of Top Secret National Security documents on my story of a land takeover by E.T.

Malcontent and growing concern about the equitable administration of justice ripples through our society, mobilizes the "Light Being" in each of us. Discerning people ask embarrassing questions as they begin to open closed "End Time" files which expose the political motives for the UFO coverup. People realise that there is no point in throwing further energy, time or $$$ into the old world system. It is a useless appendage - Kaput!

Silence and invisibility is a two way street. While world leaders have been held in fascination with the idea of more power via EBE technology, the great majority of caring people have had the barricades between their inner and outer worlds removed by "The Holy Spirit" which is now happily ensconced in multiple physical forms, each of which is AWAKE to the New Reality.

Abductees have been used like paving stones with which ET has built a "Highway to the Sky." In 1968 I was a solid citizen working for DVA HQ in Ottawa. From time to time some amazing files passed across my desk of patients who were locked away in psychiatric hospitals were there because they spoke out about UFO experiences.

As the word got around, as I did seminars on UFO's, to the KIWANIS for example, I get some pitiful calls from people whose doctors are trying to convince them are in some state of abnormal psychosis. I had one call from Patent Attorney. He spoke of how his wife had reported him to a psychiatrist and his firm had forced him to go for a psychiatric examination, as a result of him mentioning a UFO abduction experience. The man's doctor, his wife, and his business associates, all made it quite clear that to continue his UFO fantasy would cost him his job, his wife and his social status. This story of the OUTCAST can be repeated endlessly. It has given rise to thousands of breakaway cults worldwide.

The Attorney told me "I know it was real. But there is no point in trying to convince anyone else, except people like you, and thank God for you! I want to send them a message that there is no way I can go on with this. Overtly I have to back down - But I shall remember the time I left the world of matter for a higher world."

From EBE-Abductees point of view, while we view our work for the EBE's as positive life experience, there is dark side of the coin. Multi thousands of decent, open minded, caring, human beings, have been subjected to political and personal ridicule. Canadians have endured decades of deliberate criminal negligence on the part of the Government, and all the Security Services that are sworn to protect its citizens from harm. For according to the Police Manuals, being connected with UFO's is listed under criminal matters. Thus abductees are trapped in the "twilight zone" between dimensions with no resource to resolution.

Countless numbers of EBE contacts have lost their lives at the hands of the Secret Agents (MIB)of their own governments, in this ultimate power-grasp position of the Great UFO Coverup. The benign outer rim of the "Security Wheel" gives no indication of the covert tactics of the inner wheel, where all the players are competing for temporal power, via intellectual cunning. All are competing for the "Devil's Trophy," as the reptilian brain sensing a chance of being "Top Dog" manipulates the media.

The UFO abductee, under "Security Force" questioning, sees the underside of global governments, and systems: The razor sharp marking of territory, the protective mechanisms, the promotional jealousies, and other weird games these grown men are caught in. Having explained my viewpoint to the officers. At the end of the interview, in 1985, four RCMP/CSIS Officers made a joint statement. "We ask you to be silent about the matter for two years - say nothing to no one. It will take us this long to solve the case. Do this for the National Security of Canada." I believed in their integrity, and sat there and took it all in, and agreed to keep silent for the two years they said it would take them to solve the case.

They looked so clean cut and honest. This ploy invoked my female curiosity. This mystery tweaked my Sherlock Holmes instinct, and my "bulldog breed" cut in. The keen observer watches the hokus-pokus game. It is as if our National Security Force is being made to dance to a hidden drummer, while hopefully rethinking their function for the NEW EARTH ERA.

The Invisibility Factor, is a gift earned by all compliant abductees. It gives one the capacity to see through matter and makes all the tales of material world which unfold on the screen of "time" seem almost obsolete, like echoes from a dying civilization on a world that is fast fading away.

"All the answers [to the tactically ambiguous 'UFO' enigma] lie in Theosophy" writes Dr. J. Allen Hynek, long-time USAF Project Blue Book director,

As a "Free Spirit" the abductee is beyond social taboo's and uses new forms of expression. He/She can use his/her carnate form as a nest from which the Psyche can come and go, once the flaw in each cosmic mirror is corrected.

On the dark side of the coin, from the "Mammalian Perspective" UFO experience is devastating to the mortal professional and social identity. The EBE's have merged within or forms as the reptilian brain was overcome. EBE conquers with love, not fear or guns. They come to complete the deification of our own nature.

Implants? Security Forces en garde! Every day millions of people are getting bitten by EBE LOVE BUGS, and your membership is no exception. The SCARAB, is the legendary SUN BEETLES, the Sacred Dung Beetle of Egypt. In the same way that the caterpillar is infected with the image of the butterfly, EBE is like a virus at the core of our DNA. Our GTUFO Club gets phone calls from angry people. Their anger is based on betrayal by Officialdom and Bureaucracy and the Police Forces who have surely vowed to serve and protect our home and native land. They knew, yet they KEPT SILENT, knowing that for all the people on this Earth, communication leads to resolution, SILENCE IS DEATH.

Truth alone can solve the UFO dilemma. EBE's, through their multiple contacts, have explained that they hold ALL SOLUTIONS to our ailing system, beginning with Clean Free Energy, and an end to social chaos.

EBE wants to be friends. I told my story to my lawyer. He smiled indulgently and said "Now doesn't that feel better" as if he thought it was a psychiatrist I needed, not a lawyer. The truth of the matter is The Establishment has no idea of how to cope, but now that so much dirt had been swept under the rug that the bumps are showing on the surface.

Being unbiased "Neutroni" makes EBE far, far more intelligent than humans. They are just playing games with global governments while they get the real job done. May is the month to make up your mind to become and EBE Liaison Officer, and link up with the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES.

Think of EBE when you dance around the maypole, and remember the EBE-BUG invites you to SNEEZE a copy of this article to all media outlets in your orbit, courtesy of THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES - Canada.

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