Lake Ontario Reports June 4th 2015


Report #1


"Hey So i live in a high building on the 11th floor so i can see ontario lake Port credit , toronto , and i can see the sunrise perfectly with the water reflection and everything So right now june 4 11:30 pm I saw a strange orange light over the lake I immediately knew it was new because i kinda know my bedrooms view perfectly I staired at it for a couple minutes then it went off real quick and after like 5 seconds it came again but in another location  It was so so so bright and had a reflection on the lake Thats how i knew it was in the sky It looked like it was burning And it just stayed in its spot just shining The same thing would happen Turning off then turning on again in another location so quickly Kinda like it moves really fast and then stops to shin then does again repeatedly It was amazing I called the cops but the couldn't help me I just cant believe what i saw And i cant help not knowing Being a view lover and a view painter (Actually painted my rooms view alot) It was something new and existing to see I really wish somebody else saw it so i can contact them Anyway I thought id just report it here."


Report #2


"I was sitting with a friend watching the water last night at about 11pm-12pm and we saw the lights you describe. At first we saw one and thought it was just a lighthouse or something in the distance and then we saw it disappear and keep reappearing in different places throughout the sky. Was an amazing experience I can't believe I searched it and sure enough someone else out there. AMAZING! Get back to me please."


Report #3


"Last night June 4th my wife and I were looking out the 4th floor balcony of our apartment on  Lakeshore drive overlooking Lake Ont when we saw a cluster. of very bright lights from the west The lights were close enough to-gether  that they appeared  to be part of a single object , opposed to being individual objects.

It was bright nough to cast a glowing line on the lake surface We watched for 15 to 20 min, during which time it disappeared twice and reappeared immediately higher and to the right for just seconds before returning to its original position.It was more over the lake more than being over Burlington."


Webmaster's Note: It was brought to our attention that Search and Rescue were conducting an operation involving that area of the lake on June 4th 2015.


"Police and coast guard are looking for a 30-year-old Grimsby man whose unoccupied fishing boat was found run aground on the beach at Charles Daley Park Thursday [June 4th 2015] afternoon.

At around 5 p.m., police responded to a call from a passerby who found the boat. Uniform officers conducted an immediate search along the shore, while police and Canadian Coast Guard undertook a marine search.

Coast guard crews and members of the Niagara Regional Police marine unit, along with air crews from RCC Trenton, continued to search the waters and shore of Lake Ontario during the afternoon and into the evening attempting to locate the operator of the fishing boat."


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