Do you know what it is supposed to mean if the moon has a ring around it? If you see an owl in the daytime? Or if you see what looks like red spots or fog on the moon?

We live in a time where almost anything we want to know is easy for us to find out. We turn on the T.V and get the local weather or do a search on the internet, and most times come up with what ever information we need. The past generations did not have this available to them, they learned by observing their world and listening to the elders of their communities.

I will share with you some of the rural and useful folklore I have learned through out the years for fun. I hope that you find watching and learning some of the old ways both interesting and even sometimes entertaining. And see how correct they sometimes might be.

A ring around the moon
The ring around the moon can be a rainbow or cloudy, but it is said to mean that either rain in the summer is on its way or snow if it is in the winter.

An owl during the daytime
To see an owl during the day was said to be a bad omen, and some even went so far as to say it is a warning of a death to come.

Blood on the moon
Blood on the moon is the red patches or red fog that sometimes you might see on the moon. It is said to be a warning to the one who sees it of trouble not to far off in the future.

Birds flying in a circle
Birds flying in a circle is said to mean a storm is coming. If you watch the birds they will appear to be flying in circles for a while then all of a sudden they will fly off. Watch what way the birds are flying because they say that the birds are going in the other direction of the way that the storm is moving in.

Red sky
Red sky at night sailor's delight, and red sky in the morning sailors take warning. A well-known little poem that means if the sky appears red at night the next day will be nice. If the sky looks red in the morning it means bad weather is approaching.

Green sky
If you are unlucky enough to see the sky take on a green look then take cover as soon as possible, A tornado may be on its way.

Joint pain
Joint pain is said to get worse as bad or wet weather approaches.

A bird pecking at the window pane
A bird seen or heard pecking at your windowpane is said to warn you of a death in the family.

Pigeons flying over your house

To see pigeons flying over your home was said to mean you will be blessed with good luck.

A cricket in the house
If you hear a cricket in the house do not remove it. To have a cricket cross the doorway means money and happiness is soon to be in the home.

Spiders that are more active
It was said that spiders become more active before it rains.

Squirrels gathering nuts

In the fall when you see the squirrels starting to gather their nuts it means that winter is not to far off.

Spider web use

It is said that if you have a cut that will not stop bleeding go into the basement and gather a spider's web, place it on the cut and it will stop the bleeding.

Updated May 2006 As Compiled By Jennifer Tyrrell

To sleep with your bed in front of or facing the door was said to bring bad luck.

A dog or cat growling or barking for no reason was said to indicate a spirit was nearby.

A dog barking three (3) times then remaining quiet was said to be acknowledging a death in the area.

Clocks that stop for no reason was said to be an omen of death

Pictures that fall off the wall were said to be forewarning of a death

Seagulls flying inland warn of a coming storm

To whistle inside a building at night was said to call the devil

A piece of your hair sewn into your sailors clothing would help bring him back to you safely

Something white like sugar or milk given to a child at easter time in the name of a loved one that has died will keep that persons memory alive and help them rest in peace

All mirrors in the home where someone has died must be covered or turned around to prevent the soul of the loved one from becoming confused

Iron placed on top of the coffin of an evil person will prevent the spirit from leaving the grave

Lavender grown around the home will give luck and happiness to those that live there

To sleep with a piece of wedding cake under a young woman's pillow will allow her to dream of the man she is going to marry in the future

Compiled By : Jennifer Tyrrell