It happened in the middle to later portion of the winter of
1999-2000, down the end of a long farm road, just on the
borders of old Hanmer, about 30-35 minutes north of Sudbury,
in a small valley within the Sudbury Basin known as Valley
East. There is a turn-off from which to go to Capreol,
another small town even further north of Hanmer, or down
Radar Road, which connects Valley East and especially Hanmer
to the town of Garson. Now on Radar Road there is the
remains of an old military radar base which was in use for
years, suddenly shut down, and is now a small "village" of
sorts rented out to tenants. At the time it was a fully
self-contained little town for the military personnel and
their families.

Land very near where we were (at the very end of the farm
road, which name I can't recall) was my grandfather's
property, which he possessed for a number of years before
selling, in which case it just sat there. Before that it
was farmed partially by my grandfather.

There were three of us: myself, my male friend (about my
age - 28 at the time), and a female a few years younger.
Walking from the end of the road and following some snow
mobile trails led us to where we would have a fire and a
meal. From the end of the road to where we made our
temporary camp, it was 20-25 minutes, little more than that.
It was an overcast, slightly mild (for the extreme
winters we get there), and a generally dreary day. We were
close - basically at the foot - of a large sand pit mound
that extends up the side of this small mountain, covered
with walking and biking trails, as well as for snow machines
in the winter. We were at the cross-paths of a few of the
trails, where the hill and the forest and the larger open
fields become marshy and swampy, with desert-style brush
and bush extending toward the south. From where we were,
if you just walked a little up the side of the hill, to the
north, you would see the old radar base perched on the
distant hilltop. We walked to this place, gathered firewood
for some time, began the fire, ate, talked, and laughed.

Growing up far in the bush, and the other natural, forested
areas in the valley, my friend and I were accustomed to
being in such far-flung areas. Knowing each other for
about 12 or 13 years, we often went out far into the woods
to enjoy such wild land. The air was moist with very little
wind, if any, that day. Leaden skies. I know of this area
generally (a large tract of land generally surrounding Radar
Road, perhaps 19-20 miles long, with adjacent roads) that
speaking with residents that have lived in the Valley and
this area for much of their lives, some often for generations
in their family, there have been more than a few strange
phenomenon there, that they only speak about with "their
own", so to speak, or ones they implicitly trust. I know
this for a fact, and I know this to be personally true.

As the fire was fed on, and we ate and talked some more,
perhaps an hour and a half to two hours after our arrival,
we could see by the light of the overcast sky that evening
was soon to come, and the daylight waned quickly. Upon the
dusk coming, I decided to leave my two friends, who stayed
by the fire, and walk up the hill leading to the right side
of the sand pit/mound. Upon the right of this trail, the
forests really started in that place, and there were a couple
of trails that cut into the woods for hikers, etc. From my
elevated vantage point, I wanted to see the far away,
twinkling lights of the old Radar Village. Smoke and mists
were beginning to mix and it was a very relaxing sight.
Going up the hill to where I was about 75 to 100 feet away
from my companions, I looked over the vista and breathed in
the coming night-time air.

The sun was now set completely and darkness quickly fell.

Standing there for a few minutes, I was overtaken with the
sensation that something was THERE in the woods. As I
mentioned in the first letter: maybe it was the air, maybe
it was where we were, or the "look" of everything, but it
was a feeling I could not shake from me. I felt like some-
thing was in the forest watching me. Coming from a somewhat
Asataru tradition, an old Norse tradition, my friend and I
had made the obligatory gesture of calling to one another
over the distance (we were grown up to be careful in the
woods and not be foolish), and it was quickly after that
that I noticed the sensation. I could see them below,
speaking, standing close to the fire, I was weaponed, and
yet still I was fearing for my safety. The feeling grew
and grew until finally I broke into a run down the hill and
reached them. I told them that I felt I was being watched,
they noted that they too were feeling a little "creeped out",
and we left it at that since we were going to leave in the
next hour anyways.

As we were speaking, they seemed to not be listening to what
I was fact, they barely seemed to hear me at all.
And as I considered this, and their backs were turned to the
hill, they were just talking about I don't know what, staring
off toward the south (where my back was facing). Then up
upon the side of the hill, very close to where I was standing,
but slightly higher, a small orb of bright, electric-blue
light appeared, floating perhaps 7 or 8 feet above the ground,
illuminated the hillside with its light blue light. I
fastened my eyes on it and it lasted for about 2-3 seconds.
My companions didn't seem to be aware of anything at all,
and kept staring away, seemingly oblivious. Just as I was
about to say something, then a deep, blood-red sphere appeared
just above where I had been standing for those several
minutes, this one slowly in its gaining brightness, and it
too illuminated a good area with its very clearly defined
light, it also about 7 or 8 feet above the ground. It stayed
for a couple of seconds, then melted away, much slower than
the other, leaving behind more of a "trace". I remember
seeing some of the glow off the side of my companion's face,
so I was amazed that he had not picked up on anything. Still
they looked away seemingly oblivious. Just as it disappeared,
I began to speak, and they turned around to see nothing.
They seemed unbothered by what I told them, uninterested,
and just turned back around. Their mood quickly changed
after that into something of a "darker" mood, less chatty,
more closed.

The spheres, from what I could tell, where probably the size
of a large grapefruit, or a large softball. The light they
shed was similar to plasma, or halogen. There was a back-
drop immediately behind them, snow, rock, trees, and earth.

The timing seemed awfully bizarre, though, almost completely
synchronized with their turning away, even the turning of
their heads - it was just too perfectly timed off a missing
sighting for them. So, two lights, light blue and deep red,
lasting a few seconds each (no more than 3), the light blue
one "quicker" or "thinner" than the red. Both seemed to be
very physically there in the air, mixing with the air, the
moisture, tangible objects. And they appeared right near
where I had been standing and thinking for several minutes.

There didn't seem to be any noticeable ill effects, but life
just went on, so I didn't take note of any. One thing I will
note, though, is that the manifestation seemed to bring out
certain personality traits in each of us, or perhaps amplified
or slightly exaggerated each of our character, if that makes
any sense. I perked up, with my eyes open wide, curious,
looking, wanting to find out, while they suddenly looked
away, seemed to mumble or chatter about something else, and
then seemed to angrily push aside the issue and quickly put
it to rest. I just found their behaviour to be fairly odd.

Our thanks to the witness. Daniel has opted to protect his last name.