Port Rowan Ontario ongoing UFO events with main reported event happening in 2009

" I live in Port Rowan area of Ontario and one of my favorite past times is looking at the stars and sky at night. Over my almost 11 years living here I sometimes saw strange objects such a lighted balls in the sky.

One evening while it was mostly still daylight an object which was perfectly round like a small moon floated across the tops of the trees above the bush across the street from my home.

On a separate occasion my daughter and her boyfriend witnessed the exact same type of object. I clearly remember my daughter running in the house and closing the doors scared out of her mind.

The past two years there has been a lot of unusual activity in the sky around out home and we have made it a hobby to watch regularly. We see these round balls covered in several round lights. The lights are usually white, blue, and red with different light patterns and sometimes there are just red and white lights.

There was one incident that affected us the most. I will tell you this story with the best detail I remember. This incident was witnessed by three of us that night. It was so intense that I woke my boyfriend from bed although he had to get up for work at 5 am. He has always been a non believer until that night. He now checks the night sky himself on a regular basis and tells people of this night.

It was 2 years ago. It was approximately 2:00 am when my daughter came into my bedroom and woke me from my sleep. She had just turned out her light to go to sleep when she noticed two big round balls covered with lights out her window. She came and got immediately. My daughter is very scared of things like that and came and got me to go into her room. I looked out her window and saw the two objects. They seemed to be over a field that is just down the road from our home. There is a small amount of bush between us and the field. The objects, as always, were not very high in the sky at all. We were on the second story of our house and the objects were just above the tree tops so were never even had to look up into the sky. We just stared straight ahead. We had seem these balls before but these ones were extremely lower than usual and they were just hovering there staying perfectly still and directly across from one another. The small lights they were covered in were blue, red, and white and they would flicker on and off in different light patterns. Sometimes they would stay all white and then they would start to flash really fast and red and blue would join in. We watch for around 10 minutes when a white light beam came out of the bottom of each ball and went straight down to the ground. The beams stayed on without flashing and we noticed that when the beams first appeared, the smaller lights began to flash extremely fast like crazy. As soon as the beams appeared Ii ran to wake my boyfriend. My daughter and I had seen things before and he would always laugh at us and tell us we were crazy.

When my boyfriend looked at the objects her was in total and utter shock. His jaw dropped and he stood there watching with us for the remainder of the show. He still today tells people what he saw that night. He is now a believer. The lighted beams remained pointing down towards the ground for 20 minutes. The brighter the light beams got, the faster the colored lights on the object would flash like crazy almost as if they were powering the light beams. We could only see the top half of the beams as the trees blocked the bottom half. After this 20 minute show the objects very slowly moved across the sky and out of sight. These round balls covered with mostly white and red lights, sometimes blue are still seen by us sometimes but not as low as they were that particular night 2 years ago. We have not seen the light beams shine from the bottom of them either. They are actually visible in the sky quite often and usually lower than a plane would be in the sky.

The round balls covered in lights are out there quite a bit. We see them a lot but they have not emitted light beams and came down as low since they did 2 years ago. But yes, we still see them. A neighbour also told me that an old farmer saw something similar the year before while ploughing his field at night.

All I know is that there has been and still is a lot of strange activity around here for the past two years. The past two weeks we have been seeing an object with just a couple of lights on it. The lights are white and orange and we cannot pick out the shape of it. It moves in all different directions. Up, down, sideways, and sometimes it is perfectly still and other times it moves across the sky while going in all directions. The lights flash and it will be visible for minutes or hours and then all of a sudden it will black out only to light back up minutes, seconds, or hours later. The night before last we watched it from my bedroom window and something very strange happened. My daughter and i saw white orb like balls of light shoot around the object every so often. It almost seems as if the balls of light are coming from the object because for a full 10 minutes there was a dull white light moving across the tree tops of the 100 acres of bush behind our home. It looked similar to when the cops use their light on their car to search woods or alleys for a suspect only it was not as bright and it was on the tree tops. There also seemed to be a black cloudy haze around the area in which the light was moving almost like black clouds moving very fast like in a movie or something. We are absolutely sure it was not a helicopter or plane. It's movements were to erratic and it was lighting up and then blacking out. The first time we saw it we thought it was a plane but then it was going erratically up and down as moved across the sky only to stop in spot for 2 hours. At one point it plummeted down as if it was going to smash into the ground but stopped and floated casually in one spot again. We have been watching ever since and it has been here the past three nights in a row now. It's so strange to see it so bright and then it blacks out as if it has gone only to light up again several seconds or minutes later. At times it is very bright and at other times the orange light seems so tiny as it flutters around almost in a butterfly like motion. I have been trying to best explain how it's movement appears to us and it is most like a butterfly. We have felt very uneasy the past couple of weeks seeing this so often and we are afraid when we let our dogs out at night."


There is one detail of that night in 2009 that I left out. My daughter noticed and reminded me. There was also a small white light that moved extremely slowly moving back and forth between the two light beams. I also noticed a sighting report on your site from 2009 in St.Williams. That is so close to us, not even 5 minutes away. The woman and her husband saw exactly what seems to be what we are seeing now. Our description is almost identical. She even witnessed the lights going completely out and then back on again. It is so close to us and it is nice to know that two more people saw what i am seeing now."

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