Pickering/Ajax Ontario                

July 31st 2001 9:45pm – 9:55pm

My friend and I had decided to go to the park as we often do in the summer. She got here around 8:30 pm and we shortly headed out to the lake about 5 minutes or so drive, south of my house. We parked and she and I walked down to the path/waterfront trail a further 5 minutes south. We walked west along the path to where we normally go sit and talk. This area is surrounded by heavy woods and not well lit. The nuclear plant is just west of here and easy walking distance - I've done it before.

I decided it would be better to go back towards the playground, which is to the east and much better lit. Why I don't know, I just thought it would be safer I guess, though we've sat out there before with no trouble. So we walked to this new location in front of a pavilion and sat on the picnic table facing south with our water and ginger ale and just talked and watched the moonlight play over the lake.

I saw the first white light more due south (just to the right of the moon) it caught my eye because it was moving upwards from the horizon very erratically. I tried to keep my eye on it with the binoculars I had with me, but it kept jumping out of view so I had to move my head around to follow it. Then it sort of winked out I guess. I'd estimate this first light was farther out than the other ones it looked say no more than a fingernail at guessing 8-10 miles. It is difficult in that there was no point of reference to use for distance.

Then say a minute or so later this time to the S.S.E what appeared to be one (maybe more I'm unsure) light/s (white) literally moving up and down the lake, side to side, up and down in no logical sequence over an area of about a foot maybe two in length from our perspective say again 8 - 10miles (no point of reference) out maybe little less. They appeared to be skimming the water. I thought maybe buoys, but never have seen any buoys in that direction nor ever behave such as this! 

We started to walk back up the trail both of us feeling suddenly oddly headachey. I wondered if those fast moving lights had begun to trigger a migraine. It was eerily quiet. We got past the trees out into the open, the lake just south and the path to the parking behind. 

Then the first large light was spotted (S.S.E towards Olcott N.Y left of the moon appearing very close to us - a guess as no point of reference for distance) orangish red looking ball of light. Then number two appeared, then number three they would appear easy the size of my fist again one would appear than the others sometimes two sometimes three. They moved in a left to right pattern. When they flared up to say from a fist to open hand fingers splayed - three columns of light could be seen illuminating over the water - orangish red.

At this point through the binos I noticed what might have been a tiny pinprick light to the rear (very red) and I could see that these lights were in fact part of a solid object. This object looked round/smooth , very dark in colour, along the side I was able to view. At first I thought it may have been a large disc, but then realised it was a diamond shape with roundish edges.

The craft appeared to be moving very, very slowly, like hovering, from the right to left or to the N.E towards land. It was bobbing around like a kite in a slight wind. A very unnatural movement.  My friend was able to discern this as well with the naked eye although she did not see the smaller red light.

Altitude of craft: 1000 ft perhaps maybe much less. We did not hear a sound associated with it. Now I'm not sure if I heard it or it caught my eye, but an aircraft was approaching from the right/west. It was much, much higher in altitude than the craft say not quite cruising yet. At this point I nearly walked off the bluffs! Okay I was literally in shock!

Bobbing like a kite it moved very slightly toward us and all of the lights went out at once and the craft was no longer visible. It was my impression that it was still out there although no longer visible to us. We waited a further few minutes both in shock, rooted to the spot waiting for it to reappear I guess, with no further visible activity and then we both got a strange feeling to leave immediately and we cleared out of there very quickly, running up the path to the car!

Webmaster’s note: There have been many strange sightings made over the lake. An interesting study of these was made by Hugh Cochrane in his book “Gateway To Oblivion” which is no longer in print, but available through libraries. Several of the documented UFO sightings involved strange white lights moving in a zig-zag pattern low on the horizon.