In 2012 we were contacted by a former Ontario resident who kindly shared her UFO experiences in Eastern Ontario with us. In turn she has allowed us to share some of these experiences with our readers. Perhaps you have had a similar encounter or can add further information? If so, please contact us. Your privacy will be protected.

In May's own words:

I was searching online and I found You. I just read the news article entitled Glen Margaret UFO Sighting.

I am now 49 years old, but often pointed to strange moving lights in the evening sky when I was a girl growing up in the small Western Quebec town of Chapeau.  I first saw these lights was when I was only four or five, I remember them hovering in the sky above the local graveyard.

By ten, I even had other kids gathered as witnesses at times, but they seemed uninterested in my fascination of UFO's. They would soon get back to playing tag, etc., leaving me to stare at the lights and freak out by myself. Everyone thought I was a little basket case. I spent almost every night of my youth staring out windows at the sky above our town, instead of going to sleep. I was completely addicted to skywatching.

I remember the night I saw a big bright light, as big as the north star, moving across the sky and stopping. I watched that light for weeks and it never moved or blinked, then one night it was gone.

That town had been the sight of a huge UFO investigation in the late sixties, when a farmer saw strange lights, then found several burned circles in his fields. The farmer was a friend of my father's and I still remember standing inside one of the huge circles. The Ottawa Valley area was a UFO hotbed back in the 60's and 70's. The 1980's seemed much tamer, but I often saw unusual lights in the sky. Of course, I was looking while others were not.

I saw an actual disk/saucer, during the day, in the 1980's, and was apparently the sole witness. I was nineteen.

It was following a jet over the Ottawa River and the Laurentian Mountain range. It was big enough to fit that passenger jet inside. I was suntanning on a flat rooftop and had a perfect view of the clear blue sky. I watched this disk travelling at the same speed as the jet and following its vapour trail an estimated three miles behind, until they both disappeared over the mountains. I was at first interested in the jet and then, out of nowhere appeared the disk that pursued it. The whole scene unfolded in about thirty minutes, but again, telling anyone was like calling myself insane. Someone even suggested it was likely just a weather balloon.

Are weather balloons luminous silvery-white and shaped like huge dinner plates? Do they travel as fast as a jet? Do they follow jet streams at a high rate of speed? I think not.

I did write the event down and still have the scribbling. It was a fascinating event that I was proud to have witnessed, but unfortunately, I had to hush up and go along with the weather balloon story.

(webmasters note: The witness has kindly offered to share this original written record with us.)

What I wouldn't have done to have looked through a pair of binoculars that day, but my eyes were glued to the object as I lay on my back on that roof. Later that night, I got very sick. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was very light headed. I ended up being taken to the hospital in an ambulance to get checked out. I had no prior history of heart problems or dizziness. Nothing serious was found and I was sent home. It could have been sunstroke, but I had been in the sun before and never had that happen.

One summer morning in the late 1990's, outside Renfrew, Ontario, I awoke around 2:00 AM. I was used to looking out the window in curiosity, and I was living on a 98 acre country farm and often saw wild animals in the yard at night. The property was surrounded by other farm, swamp and bushland that stretched on for miles.

This time, I noticed two strange light points in the sky. They were moving slowly and stopping over the distant horizon, side by side. Suddenly one went straight up and the other soon followed. They stopped and moved for a at least 15 minutes, then diagonally rose very quickly, where they met a third stationary light. One merged with the other and it looked like there were only two. Suddenly there were three again and they formed a perfect triangle. They stayed completely still for another several minutes, before travelling together in the triangle formation, until I could no longer see them behind the tree line. All I could think was "Here they are again."

Earlier that summer, I had been awakened by something in the quiet early hours and looked out my bedroom window.  I witnessed what I thought was a falling star, but it became bigger and appeared to be spiralling straight downward in a trail of burning yellow-orange flames that lit up the sky around it. It disappeared behind the tree line of a nearby hardwood ridge and rocky gorge, then went dark. I immediately thought 'meteorite.' That gorge, on the ridge that stretched on for over ten miles, was so steep, that the deer were forced to go around it in hunting season. The nearest road into it was a mile away and one had to cross marshland to get there.

I mentioned my story to someone the following day, but they brushed it off as a falling star. I dropped the matter, but of course never forgot it.
I was always tempted to go to that ridge to check it out, but I was too scared to do it alone.

Now I wonder if it was a crashed UFO. The location of the stationary light and the subsequent meeting of triangular formation, was directly over that same hardwood ridge.

I no longer live there and have been too busy to have a chance to skywatch very often, but I know what I saw with my eyes and it was very real.

My Uncle was a chief warrant officer stationed at the D.E.W line and NORAD. He was asked one day by a family member if UFO's were real. His hesitant reply was that there were definitely abnormal things on the radar, that he wasn't allowed to talk about.

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing these experience with us. If you have seen something similar at this date/time/location, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be a UFO in the province of Ontario, Canada please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.

Sometimes experiences such as the ones above inspire art, music, and poetry. May has shared the following poem with us inspired by the UFOs Please note the name May MacLeod is a pen-name.


The Watchers

"We are the watchers in the night
Mysterious beings from the light
Unwelcomed messengers in man's eyes
Yet here our guarded presence lies
Through wins and losses, wars and slaughters
Through earthquakes, storms and flooding waters
Through bombs and fires and burning rain
Through poison gases and deadly flame

Through devastation of Earthly things
Through rise and fall of queens and kings
Through cause of man's uncaring ways
As self-destruction marks your days
We must avoid your murderous minds
And not touch down in troubled times
So we the guardians brave and true
Protect our universe from you

If only you would let us land
To re establish our command
Rebuild the empires of our past
Whose monuments for eternity last
While all your structures tumble down
For sake of money and golden crown
Our modern presence you deny
To spread the military lie

Hold the masses under power
In hopes to have your finest hour
But in your haste to gain more worth
You lose another hour of Earth
When once we taught you right from wrong
You tried your best to get along
Now all that we can do is wait
For time to seal your destined fate"

May MacLeod