There are very few people I am willing to bet who have never heard of the Bermuda Triangle or thought and wondered at its mystery. Ships disappear, planes drop off the radar, and some are never seen or heard of again. Its as if something swallows them up and despite research and quests to find out the how or even the why these strange things happen, it still remains one of the most sought after legends in human history.

Unlike the Bermuda Triangle the Marysburgh Vortex is far from being famous or well known, but it does exist.

Canada holds many secrets from the Mountains to the Prairies, and the Great Lakes. The Marysburgh Vortex is one of them.

It is located in Lake Ontario and goes from Prince Edward County East to the St. Lawrence River and North to Kingston. Although this lake is not  the biggest of the five Great Lakes, it does seem to be able to hold its own in the history books, especially when it comes to odd and mysterious happenings. Reports of lake monsters, mermaid sightings, and yes even our very own black hole so to speak all help to bring Lake Ontario into the thoughts and minds of many people.

It has also been the scene of numerous UFO sightings of the years. Many very well documented. Though wether or not these factor into the sheer volume of ships and planes that have gone missing in or over the lake is anybody's guess.

Two of the most well known ships to go missing in these waters are the Picton and the Bavaria.

Both of these ships disappeared as it would seem into thin air. The disappearance of the Bavaria was made even stranger when not one of her crew members would ever be found alive to share with the rest of us what really happened out there, and why they had vanished.  In fact not one member of her crew would be found dead either! Their bodies, nor their ship was to be seen or heard of ever again.

The Picton was another ship that went missing. This time the ship and all of its crew were lost in a blink of an eye. According to witnesses the ship just vanished without a trace right in front of them. She was sailing with two (2) other ships at the time and the crew of the other ships tried to find some clue as to what happened, but it was just gone. They searched the area where the Picton was for hours, but came up with nothing. The ship and its crew were presumed lost and the other two ships carried on there way after many trying hours of searching.

Not far away sometime later in a small fishing village a young child had found a floating bottle with a note inside it, the note was from Captain Jack Sidley of the Picton.

He stated in his note, "that he had lashed himself to his son so that they would both be found together."

*The story goes on to say that the captain was alive and was in some sort of danger or so he thought and this is why it is presumed the captain tied himself and his son together so that they would not get separated.

But... If the ship was in no danger when it left port and there was no signs of distress then where was the note written and why? If it was gone in a matter of seconds then there would have been nothing to write about, and more importantly no time to write one. This is where it becomes a possible story of another dimension. Could the ship slip through to an unknown dimension? Could the bottle have slipped back through, the same way the Picton went in?

There are many theories on what the Marysburgh Vortex is, but the other dimension take on this story, in my way of thinking does seem to be the most interesting. Many stories can be found by doing a simple web search. Also you will find out other possible reasons for this strange dark hole so to speak that takes its place and rightfully so in the Canadian supernatural history books.


*1 From The Great Lakes Triangle-The Mystery Continues
By Hugh F Cochrane