UFOlogy Archetype

Copyright © 2016 by Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

"Psychology, too, has not only the right but also the duty to do what it can to shed light on this dark problem."......... Carl C. Jung

We have been saying that the UFO phenomenon presents two apparently different characteristics, one is physical and the other psychic. The first is easy to evaluate study and analyze statistically. After the year 1947, the physical evidence is more tangible. The second one presents a vacuum caused by the lack of scientific knowledge; for that reason, many researchers avoid getting involved.
A simultaneous sighting, visually and by radar, is satisfactory proof of the reality of the phenomenon, but we should remember that each physical event implicates a psychic one and conversely. It is not speculative; it forms part of how the phenomenon acts toward us.

For human beings, the conflict between the physical aspect and the psychic alone proves that: The psychic is an incomprehensible entity, but, in reality, all that human beings experience is firstly psychic. For example, a pain in our body is no more than a psychic reflex that is experienced.

Everything surrounding us has a psychic component. The possibility that the psychic may also have a form of independent existence in time and space is a question that, for the time being, we should take into account.

The UFO phenomenon, in addition to being a physical event, possesses essential psychic components that affect the conscious and the unconscious mind, provoking conjectures and idle speculations. In the darkest depths of human psyches, it tends to become collective or what we should call the "Collective Unconscious", and feed it is what we could call the "Archetypes." According to Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, archetypes are symbols of certain basic dramatized unconscious image, which are shared by all of us. UFOs also have an archetypal significance. From now on we will refer to the "Ufology Archetype."


The existence of an intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon implies a manipulation of our conscious and unconscious mind, and also the manipulation of our archetype

In the past 50 years, the UFO phenomenon has increased and at the same time, has varied, not only in its forms but also, in the way it has affected the unconscious, culminating with a new form known as "abductions." Here the witness lost real time, that are unable to account for, while in his consciousness emerges a series of events, taking place against his will. At that moment, his consciousness is controlled by the psychic UFO component. The witness also experiences a dislocation of space and time. The abduction ended, and the witness recovers his consciousness and then the experience becomes part of the "Ufology Archetype." It is clear that the abduction also affects the natural psyche of the witness who, developing stress, alterations, and disorders, needs professional help to gain normality. These alterations could also affect those persons that are close to the witness, for example, a person who investigates the case.

Abductions can happen with or without the ship or UFO; also, it is very common that an episode happens during dreams, with telepathic contacts; this variety is known as "dormitory visitors." Most UFO experiences occur at night, suggesting sleep paralysis, a relatively common experience in which one feels awake, but cannot move. Sleep, once considered a passive state, thus becomes an active state of consciousness. Some witnesses report verbal contact with aliens; others say they were taken up in a spaceship.

The increase of these phenomena in the past few years has caused a growth of the "Ufology Archetype" in the internal collective unconscious, thus directly affecting the consciousness of other persons. The "Ufology Archetype" could stimulate the brain, creating an alternative state of consciousness, setting up fantastic experiences with real feelings, identifying images of an abduction by an extraterrestrial, including physical manifestations like strange marks, implants, etc.

For the researchers, this brings up a serious problem of trying to separate the real abduction from the stimulus created by the "Ufology Archetype." Even more, some investigators have specialized in hypnosis, without taking into consideration the link that is formed during hypnosis. Data and facts could be transferred from the hypnotist to the witness, contaminating the information that the witness had from his abduction. Despite the increasing use of hypnosis, however, much remains to be learned about this unusual state of focused attention.

An abduction fantasy could be caused by the psychoactive drugs known as hallucinogens; the most prominent of these drugs are lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mescaline, and psilocybin; many people in the 1960s experimented with these drugs. It would be convenient to verify if the abductee at any moment of his or her life consumed alcohol or narcotics. Only the experience of the investigator, physical data, other witnesses, etc., and something that we call a "sixth sense" or intuition make us aware that the phenomenon is real. You trust your own instincts regardless of what others are saying.

The other problem that we face is the quality of information. The phenomenon is well known by the general public, since it appears in every medium of communication; abductions have been featured in countless books and on TV in a great number of regular programs, like The X-Files, Sighting, Encounters, Unsolved Mysteries, as well as "special" programs like 48 Hours, Larry King, The Learning Channel, the 1947 "Alien Autopsy," etc. We are so absorbed in the abduction topic that we do not give importance to other aspects of the phenomenon, for example, the hundreds of UFO sightings filmed on video by independent witnesses in Mexico City in the past years. Very little or almost nothing about this subject has been investigated, and the press here has ignored it. They are feeding and increasing the "Ufology Archetype", mixing fantasies with real things, to the benefit of a real UFO intelligence, to such an extremity, that the result is an abduction propagation, very hard or impossible to control. This activity confuses the witness and the investigator because it is hard to separate the real abductions from the ones created by the "Ufology Archetype."


Though the Collective Unconscious transcends all different cultures, the "Ufology Archetype" is developed by the idiosyncrasy of every country. Abductions will affect our consciousness as a nation. The huge abduction operation conducted by this intelligence that we called the "Gray," because of the color of their skin, not only influences the human consciousness but also contaminates it. The development of the "Ufology Archetype" shatters our notion of physical reality. The idea that UFOs were the product of extraterrestrial life, and that extraterrestrial traveled in spaceships, has been changing. Lately, some researchers proposed the idea that the archetypes are responsible for the UFO phenomenon. They have suggested that the ships are a physical manifestation of external archetypes, which are made visible as a physical explanation of the UFO phenomenon. But, they cannot demonstrate how a physical archetype can cause damage to people and plants, or how it can escape interception by military airplanes or compel warplanes to land, or commit mistakes as in 1947 when a UFO crashed and the Government, apparently, conserved part of it and its crew. Does the Government have physical parts of an archetype? Or as in one case: Are we able to conduct a reasonable conversation with an archetype? The answer alters the psyche and the physical aspect of the phenomenon. But as an entity is not physically perfect, neither is his psyche. This intelligence is different from us in those aspects.

For example: When using telepathy as a means of communication, they do not use electronics or radio emission communication. For that reason, the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program has not been able, nor will it be able, to find intelligent radio signals in space. These intelligent entities do not use it.

Still today, some researchers try to bond the UFO phenomenon with astronomy.

The UFO problem is here on Earth!

Remember that our solar system is the youngest of our galaxy, if others exist as is very probable, they will be thousands of years more advanced than ours, and they will have gone through physical mutations unknown to us.

Our future science will not be in the physical but the psyche. Our future is in the control and manipulation of our thought with the aid of physics. This will also give us control of space and time.

Let's return to the present. The other thing we should take into consideration in that it forms part of our archetypes and also presents itself in the UFO phenomenon is the occurrence of coincidences. Carl Jung classified this as "Synchronicity." For Jung "Synchronicity" is a "meaningful coincidence", and it is intimately bound to archetypes. Jung also states that Synchronicity rests upon a foundation of archetypes. So, who manipulates the archetypes? Manipulates and also causes the coincidences? For example, we have the coincidences in the Marian apparitions, predictions, angels, channeling, space critter, Bigfoot and the late "Chupacabras" (Goatsucker) and so on. All these phenomena are connected in some way with UFO sightings.

We have concentrated on the intelligence that manipulates the phenomenon and not on the phenomenon. To interfere means to impose our free will to enter into contact with that intelligence, but this should be done under surveillance and in a controlled laboratory, under the technical and professional supervision and not done by independent investigators whose results could be negative and catastrophic.

The technique of this work should be done in the laboratory in accordance with the results that would be obtained. But one thing I am sure of is that we have to change from being spectators and become involved like actors. This is the moment to sit down and make a foundation in for the future sake of humanity.


In memory of the author my dear friend Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo who passed away in November 2016. He was a good friend of Allen Hynek and he was one of the few people involved with UFOlogy who had a good grasp on the compexity of the situation.  He is with the Stars ..... I miss him. 


Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo


VIRGILIO SANCHEZ-OCEJO was born in Havana, Cuba. He began his studies at the La Salle School, graduating later in the Havana Institute. He became interested in the UFO phenomenon in 1956, when he saw his first UFO while studying Law at the University of Havana. In 1960, he moved to the United States of America. In 1963, he enlisted in the United States Army in a voluntary program for Cubans at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He has writing numerous articles, in English and in Spanish on the UFO topic, for journals and magazines in the United States, Spain, and Latin America. He has participated in various radio and television programs, both in Spanish and in English, as an expert on UFO. For over two years he produced a program on local Miami radio titled: "LOOKING FOR A RESPONSE", where he collected data from UFO sightings by Cuban immigrants. In 1974 he traveled to Mexico for the first World Convention of Ufology in Acapulco, where he met Doctor J. Allen Hynek, adviser to the US Air Force for 20 years. Dr. Hynek named him representative for C.U.F.O.S. South America where he traveled with Hynek as an associated and interpreter to Argentina, Brazil, and Canada, investigating numerous reports of UFOs and cases of abductions, as well as participating in several conventions in those countries until the death of Dr. Hynek in 1986. He also participated as associate for project UNICAT, a UFO data bank project created by Dr. Hynek, later led by Dr. Willy Smith until his death in 2006. Appointed Special Representative for all South America by the M.U.F.O.N. Organization, he was also a member of the dissolved organizations; A.P.R.O, National Investigation Committee, and N.I.C.A.P. In 1984, he was awarded a diploma as "Honorary Member" for his prominent record, in the fields of Parapsychology, Allied Branches, General Science and merit made in other areas, by the ANDROMEDA organization of Seville, Spain. In 2006, he acted as associate producer and consultant, appearing on documentaries for North American television, which were translated to different languages, such as: "A SEARCH FOR CHUPACABRAS" by the network BNN TV in the Netherlands, "CHUPACABRAS" on Animal Planet TV, "IT IS REAL? CHUPACABRAS" by National Geographic TV, and "The Strangest UFO Stories of all Times -ALIEN VAMPIRE CHRONICLES" by the Discovery TV and Science channels, being viewed by millions of viewers around the world. Also, in 2006 he was named host of the Museum of Discovery and Science's exhibit "ALIEN: WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His first book: "UFO. CONTACT FROM UNDERSEA" published in 1982 by Wendelle C. Stevens, "DANGER IN OUR CONSCIENCE" CD book, published in 2000. He was the director of the Miami UFO Center non-profit organization, registered in the State of Florida in 1976. Its main objectives include processing and disclosing reports of UFOs, and finally discover the essence of the phenomenon.


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