These types of reports are always very intriguing, and to be honest always create some debate as to how to class them. Should they be considered UFOS or ghosts? I personally prefer to call them anomalous light phenomenon or A.L.P for short. The following was sent to us in April 2009, but the actual event took place five years previous in 2004.


"I lived in Thunder Bay my entire life. More specifically I resided in a small rural community called "Neebing Township". It is approximately a 45 minute to 1 hour drive south of Thunder Bay. A quiet place, with it's beautiful Boreal forests, it is home to many species of plants and animals. The average distance between homes on the Canadian stretch of Highway 61 ranges from 1 kilometer to 1 mile. It is a very peaceful area to live in.


On a calm evening in 2004 a strange occurrence happened on our quiet farm on this stretch of Highway 61.

The night was quiet, save for the sounds of crickets and frogs in the properties many ponds. We were all simply enjoying the evening, drinking tea and watching the local weather channel.

One of my siblings had been puttering around the livingroom when our parents began talking about some strange "thing" happening outside. Of course, as curious as teenagers become, we all proceeded to the upstairs sunroom where we all could see the surrounding field. Here is where things began to become a little more eerie.

As we sat in the darkened upstairs sunroom we were stunned to be seeing what was happening outside....

 First let me explain to you the surrounding valley. The trees in the field border are approximately 40 feet tall, with many kilometers of trees behind the first row. There is mountains in to the left and right, with Highway 61 cutting through the right and following the western mountain range until it reaches the Canadian/American Border. Where this phenomenon occurred there is approx. 2.5-3km of dense forest before the highway begins to bend left to the border itself. It was in the thick of summer where the trees are full of foliage and you cannot even see through the trees.

 As we were watching we viewed a large light from a distance of approx. 75 feet or more, hovering about 3 quarters of the way up the treeline. The "light" moved from left to the right of the treeline only to stop and go back to the left. This occurred about 5 times until it then sped to the left and disappeared into the gully where a river ran. We all stayed quiet and a couple of us made comments about the "light". We were about to go back to the livingroom when my sibling then exclaimed "Look!...It's back! It's back!". My mother hushed us as we again watched this "light" skirt through the treetops.

 I was very uneasy at this point. More so when the "light" then turned into two "lights". These two then began a strange sort of "dance" in the treetops. First the original one would float through to the right of the treeline with the second, then they would move so as the second would be below the first and then continue to float through to the left. They continued to change places and going back and forth for about 15 minutes. Needless to say my family and I were captivated by the display, but terrified at the same time. What were these "lights"? What were "they" doing?

 It wasn't until our dogs had noticed the lights too that they began barking and becoming agitated. The lights disappeared by zooming at top speed to the left of the field towards the eastern valley wall, down to the gully. My father is a very sane and hardworking man. A very old fashioned man. He immediately tried to rationalize what we had seen, speculating that it was "..the moon." and that " was just an interesting thing".

 For years I have never been able to justify what it was that we saw that night. Taking a walk along the highway the following week I had drawn the conclusion that there is NO way that it could have been "headlights of cars on the highway", "..the moon" as my father has rationalized it (The moon was clearly in the sky that night and it was NOT in the treeline.) And it certainly could not have been flashlights or anything of that matter. It was a pure, unadulterated event that I cannot explain to this day.

 I have heard stories of "Willow Wisps" that are common in swamp settings, which we really did not have any on the property but there are some in the community. I have also heard of other things like "aliens" or "orbs". I don't have an explanation. I don't think this really fits into anything I have looked into....

 All I do know is that is was a beautiful sight. The lights were solid. The movements were graceful and wonderfully co-ordinated. I don't know what could successfully complete a feat like this, especially through the treetops of 40ft trees in a thick forest treeline. I really do not know.

 I felt compelled to share this experience as it really is an oddity. It's something that will stay with me and my family for years to come."


Our thanks to the witness for sharing this odd even with us. Please note that this family no longer live in this location, but would love to hear if anyone else has witnessed something similar in the area. If you have witnessed something similar or can shed some light so to speak on what these mystery lights are please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your privacy will be protected.

Update September 2010 one of our readers shares the following:

"Hi there, I don't live in Neebing Township, but I do live in Conmee Township which is about 40 mins west of Thunder Bay off of highway 11/17. It is in a different direction then highway 61, however, I too have seen this lights that you have described. I have been seeing them ever since I was a little girl. I have no idea what they are, but have accumulated many witnesses of the objects over the years. All of the witnesses did not have an explanation for them. I too find them very beautiful, however, there has been accounts where I have felt immense fear and discomfort. I wonder if you have seen them again? I call them UFO's, not in the sense that they are indeed aliens, but true unidentified flying objects. I am open to any concept of life outside our solar system, however, do not have proof to support. Camera, video camera, and cellphone batteries have died many times before i have seen the lights. I do not know if it is connected or if it is just bad luck. Other times I just do not have anything to record it. Anyways, I just felt the need to let you know you are not the only ones who have witnessed these lights. I wish I could give you an explanation, but like you I am also looking for one."

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this with us, and in turn the witness from the original report.