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PRETAS Hungry Ghosts - Where DO The Dead Go ?

And When the Need to Eat Endangers the Balance of Nature

by Stephen Hartwell

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Thru-out human history, and probably before that, every culture has had a name for  'them'. The most common north American name is 'ghost lights', but, the most appropriate name is that in the Tibetan Buddhist Book of the Dead,

PRETAS - which means 'Hungry Ghost', because they  'feed' off the negative emotions and energy of the living.

Do They  Exist

First, we must address the question of whether there is Life-After-Death,
does something of what is 'me' survive the death of my 'current' body ?

It's one of those questions, albeit a very major issue, that is still open to anyone's opinion, and varying degrees and theories thereof.

I am inclined to 'believe' that the answer is most definitely -  yes.

Until now, we've had no choice but to struggle with this question in terms that are totally unacceptable as conclusive scientific-method proof. We've been using terms such as spirit, soul, higher plane, another dimension, heaven, cloud 9, hell, and many similar vague descriptives.

We are today, so far as we officially acknowledge, the 1st to have  the scientific and technological knowledge and equipment, to prove  it.

And our science is proving that Life-After-Death is perfectly  'natural', in complete accordance with all that we call the Laws of 'Normal'  Physics and Quantum Physics.

A lot of research evidence is  exponentially mounting to substantiate this, as has been superbly presented by such notable documentary producers, like Canadian Steven Rumbellow of Renegade Productions, in his 1995 production,  'Ghosts'.


Nature Of Every Day Human  Perspective

Nature, our meaning of that word, encompasses far more than the average person ordinarily considers on a regular daily basis, when we do contemplate it at all.

Most of  us tend to think of trees, flowers, animals, insects, even rocks, The average person tends not to contemplate things like bacteria, let alone quarks, or stars, but in fact, the Universe itself, and everything in it, is Nature, and  the marvel is, for the most part, even by common every day limited human perceptions, it all operates the same way, in all the major aspects of continuing existence and the 'cycle' process.

Everything in our  Universe exists, continues to exist, in one 'form' or another, by what could  all be referred to as -

The need to eat to survive.

Whether it be on a time scale of milliseconds, or millennia, everything eats to survive, including stars and galaxies, and conversely, everything gets eaten, one way or another, sooner or later.

Which of course means that for one thing to live, another must die.

We humans understand this, for we too  must eat to survive. And, though some of us may not particularly like it, we also understand why a lion must kill and eat a lamb, because many of us, who  are not vegetarians, do likewise; that is -- eat lamb, though few actually do  the killing.

However, many vegetarians frequently kill their prey to eat, but vegetarians are extremely loathe to see it in that perspective.

Nature can be thought of as a collective of  un-countable interactive,
inter-dependant, ecosystems.

When those ecosystems are, with fluctuation margins built in, operating within balanced parameters, all is well, despite any one individual's perspective, for although the about-to-be-eaten may feel otherwise, it is after all, - nature's way.

An individual can potentially avoid being 'lunch', though  not eventual death, and that too, is - nature's way.

Nothing in Nature  is intrinsically evil, nor even good for that matter, it just is.

Good and Evil is our own personal interpretation of whatever something is.

For example - Almost everybody thinks Maggots are very - icky evil things, because we don't like the thought of them eating us. People who eat maggots do not feel that way about them. I wonder how the maggots feel about people who eat maggots.

When maggots eat carcasses - dead bodies - they are helping to decompose that carcass, and the by-products they leave behind can be eaten by micro-organisms, which all life, including humans, and stars, galaxies, and the Universe itself, depend on.

Maggots are the larvae of hatched eggs of  flies. While a dead carcass does attract flies, which lay eggs in it, which soon hatch as maggot larvae,

We actually also 'carry' the eggs of flies around in our bodies while we live,
and when we die, they too are triggered  to hatch in to maggot larvae, which then eat our flesh.

This is one  major way that forensic investigators use to tell how long something's been dead, by the comparisons of stages between internal, and external sources of maggots.

If internal source maggots were to Eat you while you're still  trying to live your life, then this would be an ecosystem imbalance,  nature-out-of-whack. It is only when overwhelming imbalances occur in an  ecosystem that there is a problem.

Maggot eggs are not the only things  in our bodies that want to eat us, far from it.

In fact, this is most  likely what the dead do to us too.

That is the problem-perspective we have with Hungry Ghosts, more about which later on in this article.


Scientific 'Nature' of the Universe

Albert Einstein proved that  E=MC(squared), Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared.

This also  means that all matter in the Universe is in fact - Energy, in a state of  existence that we perceive to be solid matter.

Astronomers estimate that  we can currently 'see' about 10 % of our Universe, and of that 10 %, 90 % of what we can see of the universe is Plasma 'Energy',

Plasma is a body of  charged particles, all oriented in the same 'way', and by this orientation, they become electro-magnetic.

Since it's well known that our brains generate their own electromagnetic field, it seems logical to surmise that 'ghosts' are also electromagnetic in essence.

Here's an interesting point to make note of, however.

Any honest ghost hunter will tell you that Electromagnetic sensors are basically totally useless for ghost-hunting. This is because electromagnetic fields, however weak, are everywhere in the Universe, and very very prevalent in every day life because of all our machines.

Any lamp or electrical wire in a wall, or even our own bodies, will  produce a reading.

Plus, they will also tell you that most of the time, when somebody who claims to be able to sense the presence of a ghost, the EM sensor will produce no reading at all.

Does this mean that the EM sensor is faulty ? or the medium is wrong or lying  ?
or that ghosts are not electromagnetic in essence ? or that ghosts don't exist ? or that, like H2O existing in various states, gaseous vapour; liquid water; ice; are there instead various states of electromagnetic energy ? that we do not yet have sensors to detect the various states.

Nobody yet truly knows.

When astronomers detect H20 on other planets, moons, asteroids and comets, they cannot tell what state that H2O is in, only that it is there in  some state or another.

Just a few days ago, after decades of trying, scientists finally declared  that there
very definitely is a LOT of water on Mars.

If it's always been there, why did it take so long to know for sure ?

Maybe because they've only recently improved their detection equipment.

So, perhaps there are other states of electromagnetic energy we can't yet  detect.

The sensor that does seem to register 'something' is the temperature sensor. Whenever the presence of a ghost is suspected, often there is a  definite very specifically centred on the spot where the ghost is thought to be, a lower temperature than anything surrounding that spot is recorded.

What we do know about the physics of the Universe is that cold is the absence of heat, which is a form or state of energy.

And, there is a common high school experiment that demonstrates, that heat travels to cold, not the other way.

It seems logical therefore to surmise that ghosts are cold because they  are energy in essence, which dissipates, leaving them 'low' on energy, and they need more to continue to exist, and therefore, by common law of physics,  they absorb surrounding heat energy, thus resulting in recordable cold spots around where they are.

So, without any definitive proof of whatever their essence truly is,

This article shall refer to 'ghosts' as being electromagnetic in essence.

Whatever their essence actually is, does not, I believe, negate the overall theory of where ghosts go, and what some of them, the Pretas, do to the  living.

Plasma is considered to be the 4th State of Matter, solid, liquid, and gas, being the other three.

Physicists recently announced their discovery  of a previously unknown state of Matter they are currently calling Quantum Matter, which they say appears to co-exist 'inside' and 'outside' of our Universe as we perceive it.

This is very important to remember later on in this article, in regards to 'Where Do Ghosts Go', and Transient  Luminescent Events.

It is well known and documented for quite some time that the human brain generates it's own ElectroMagnetic Field, which can and has been photographed, and what many believe is what has been referred to for several thousand years as the 'halo' or 'aura'.

Astronomers recently announced that some as yet not understood form of EM Plasma Energy is flowing thru-out the universe, between all suns, and galaxies.

Recent stellar maps, when  combined with these energy flows, very spookily resemble , - the human brain  and it's EM activities.

Physics dictates that Plasma must be 'charge'  balanced, positive balances negative. A 'small' plasmic body' can itself be  charge imbalanced within a larger collective, so long as the larger  total 'collective plasmic bodies' maintains a charge balance.

This is  one reason why and how 'small body' particles 'travel' within an EM field,  seeking by natural laws of Physics to achieve it's own EM charge balance,  which is the very same process we avail ourselves of to power our zillions of electrical machines.

A plasmic body 'tends' to maintain itself because of the co-hesive-ness of all it's charged particles having the same energy frequency signature, created by the unique specific collective spins of each particle's atomic quarks. Much like every person's fingerprints or  DNA being unique. Think of how a drop of water maintains itself,  the
surface tension of the curved 'spherical' aspect of the drop of water.

Our planet is a giant electro-magnet, compared to our own  human scales. The fieldlines of EM Energy travel all around it, and thru it.

These field lines are made up of EM charged particles, which 'travel' in a tight circular looping pattern that forms what is called a Flux Tube, or Tunnel.

Billions of these Flux Tubes make up much of the EM  field lines of charged particles around our planet.

Between the  planet's surface, and it's Ionosphere, which itself is Plasma, is something called the Schumann Cavity, actually first discovered by Nicola Tesla, a massive resonating 'chamber' of charged particles of EM Plasma.

When thinking of resonance, think - Tuning Fork.

When you 'thwack' a tuning fork, both forks vibrate exactly the same, they whip back and forth very fast, x times per second. The number of times per second is called the frequency. That both forks do it exactly the same, actually enhances and magnifies the effect and the energy in each fork, and this is called the resonance effect of the tuning fork.

We have been using this Schumann Cavity to transmit energy around the planet for over 100 years, for radio and  tv and cellphone communications, and other uses.

It's been proven that  our brains, our entire bodies, are, have, an EM 'essence', similar to that  which our planet generates.

Dr. Persinger of Laurentian  University, who apparently does not, yet, want to believe in ghosts, has  done a lot of work in proving that the human mind is an EM 'entity',  vulnerable to external influences from both natural and man-made EM  fields, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, cellphones, hydro lines, and spy agencies.

He has discovered that human emotions and perceptions respond  to very specific frequency EM energy signatures.

Indeed, apparently,  both the Russians and Americans possess technology to 'influence' individuals, and even large masses of people, millions globally, to do or  make decisions based on emotional manipulation triggered by specific  frequency microwave EM broadcasts with very specific energy  signatures.

In the United States this technology is most often referred  to as HARP, first invented by Nicola Tesla back in the 1930's, and much later  a very large version actually was built in Alaska. It is considered to be one of the most important weapons of war, and mass manipulation tools, ever yet developed.

It is quite probable that this technology  was used during the Gulf War to induce 100's of 1,000's of Iraqi soldiers to surrender, as seen on TV reports, because of overwhelming fear of being  killed in battle, which was induced and magnified by this machine.

It works because the resonant EM energy level of both the human brain, and all  life, and the earth's EM field, and the planet's Ionosphere, exactly match at  around 8 Hertz, discovered by Nicola Tesla, and was the foundation of a  weapon he designed to be used during WWII.

At it's most destructive, it can devastate the earth's magnetic field, causing massive changes to global  weather patterns, resulting in horrendous hurricane storms, trigger tornadoes, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions.

At it's most subtle levels, it can be used to induce emotional responses in the masses, which can be whatever emotion they choose to trigger.

This could be  utilized to trigger mass surrenders, like in Iraq, or support for a presidential candidate or policy, or, turn the masses against each other, by heightening fear and prejudice between political or ethnic groups.

Thus substantiating that the human brain can indeed be 'triggered' by external EM fields.

What's important about this  regarding our subject of Hungry Ghosts is, whatever Man has invented,  it's been found that Nature has done it first.


Somewhere between 125,000 and 250,000 people die every day.

When we die, our EM Plasmic  'souls', are naturally 'swept' in to the planet's EM field, traveling in a spiraling fashion so tight it forms it's own tunnel called Flux Tubes,
and  travels either up in to the sky, or down in to the earth, which exactly match the descriptions of 'Tunnel Travel' by NDE's and OBE's, and in such ancient  texts as the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

'Transference' upwards from the  surface of the planet into the Schumann Cavity and Ionosphere can be quite  more dramatic.

25 times every minute of every day, Lightning, which is  Plasma energy, flashes UP from the ground, carrying along with it, many 'souls' of the dead.

This reverse lightning as it's sometimes called, blasts it's way in to the Shuman Cavity, where the energy can circle around the planet for a long time, or continue on upwards into the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.

We use the Schumann Cavity for many energy transference uses, radio, tv, cell phones, etc. The signals bounce off the  bottom of the Ionosphere too, which is how they travel 'over the  horizon',

This UP lightning, and other meteorological factors, combine together to create lightning / thunderstorms, around 1500 raging around the planet on any given day.

Above them, another form of Lightning  Plasma also blasts Upwards from the tops of the storms, towards the  Ionosphere.

Usually Blue or Red in colour, these flashes were only recently proven to exist.

When they 'flash', they momentarily trigger  the appearance of another mysterious form of Plasma Energy in the high atmosphere, giant bodies of Plasma Clouds some currently call Transient Luminescent Events, because they are only visible to us for a few seconds at a time.

Looking somewhat like a cross between a jelly-fish and a mushroom, these giant Plasma bodies are usually about 100 km bottom to top, and about 150 km across the 'mushroom' top.

They 'flatten out' on  top where they contact the Ionosphere.

Up to 25, and more, of these TLE's have been counted overtop large storms.

Because the TLE's are only visible for seconds at a time,conventional belief is that they come in to being,from the energy of the upward lightning blasts,and almost  instantly dissipate in to the ionosphere.

BUT, what if they don't  dissipate. What if, instead, they exist all the time, but are just usually  invisible to us.

Remember earlier in this article I mentioned that  physicists recently announced they believe they have found a 5th state of matter and energy they call Quantum Matter, that they believe exists both inside and outside of our perceivable Universe.

These TLE's could be Quantum Matter, which since we couldnot always perceive it, nor all of it, would appear to us as existing for only a few seconds at a time, when in fact
they are winking in and out of our ability to perceive them being  'lit up' as it were, by the upward blasting lightning.

If this is the case, then, perhaps these TLE's are what we've been calling for several  thousand years, Valhalla; one of the higher planes of existence; the other side or other world; or as in some religions, the Heavens.

Many new age groups in fact believe that spirits do usually reside in the highest levels of our atmosphere,

and, there have been numerous case reports since the adventof the airplane of 'ghosts' and 'ghost lights' in or near the airplanes while flying thru the top or overtop of thunderstorms, including sightings of strange upward blue-lightning blasts at  the time.

Did you see Robin Williams's movie, 'What Dreams May Come' ??

After all his earthly family dies, horribly - he dies, horribly.and goes to a 'cloud' heaven, faces his life and it's  mistakes, learns to fly, saves his wife from hell, and re-unites his earthly  family, etc.

I believe the place he went to, -- is one of the TLE Plasmic 'Clouds'.

The Sun

Most every one with a modicum of education knows that our Sun burns with a nuclear ferocity, which fluctuates constantly. Every 11 years or so, tensions and pressures build up,and Solar Flares erupt, sending various sizes of massive Blasts of matter and  energy in to space, which often strikesour planet, causes northern and southern lights, and,can knock out modern communications, power transfer  systems,and fry satellites out of the sky. And, because every living creature on earth is in large part, an electrical entity, we all can be affected by these massive energy/matter surges too.

More on that later.

What very few people know is that energy flows the other way too.

The earth's plasma energy works it's way up thru the various atmo-spheres,to sooner or later wind up in the Ionosphere, and from there,when it fills up, it spills out, and much of that spill, has  beensatellite photographed (only recently) 'traveling' in the general direction of our sun.

This 'spill-out' happens every 27 days or so,  which almost exactly matches the half-way mark of how long the soul is said to linger close to the body after death as stated in the
Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Ok, back to Prestas - or Hungry Ghosts.

World  Renowned Canadian Writer/Investigative Journalist, Joe Fisher,who committed suicide in 2001, no longer able to fight against the unrelenting pressure of depression and negative emotional energies,wrote quite a few books about  Paranormal subjects, including his mostfamous, 'Hungry Ghosts', which he learned of from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

In his 2 books of the  same title, and several others, he recounts howhe came to realize the  existence of them, and how and why they interact with the living.

Pretas die unhappy, unfulfilled, and 'feed' off the living to  sustain their existence and presence on the 'earthly plane', as they say.

They are little 'balls' of plasma energy, and that they died so negatively feeling, their EM charges have a 'negative' energysignature  as their intrinsic 'nature', and are 'out of balance'.Physics dictates there  must be balance, so they naturally are compelled to 'balance' their  charge, and so, just as masses of bacteria seem to co-operate to  achieve various needs, mobility, transportation, reproduction, 'feeding',

Pretas 'naturally' try to get what they need from us, living humans,attracted to us because they too used to be living humans, and are therefore the living are the most similar in energy  signatures.

Paranormal 'lights', many of which are described as 'little  balls' of energy, have often been seen and recorded whizzing around the living.

A California group of investigators somehow managed to photograph these things quite a bit during one particular case, including  the entry and exiting by them in to and out of - people's heads.

The  human brain is very complex, we're only beginning to understand it. We've only relatively recently learned that part of it operates by the use of what  are called Neuro-transmitters.

There are sacks full of charged particle ions of copper, zinc, etc, inside every brain cell. These are triggered to cross the synapse gap to trigger specific EM signals, which result in many processes, including the stimulation of emotions, the first transmitters to  be identified. We get those charged particles from what we eat.

I  believe Pretas do something very similar.

Having been human, they are  naturally attracted to living humans, because of the close similarity of  energy frequency signature.

They enter our brains, and stimulate negative  emotions, not because they consciously want to do that, simply because their  'intrinsic nature is that of energy with a 'negative signature', established  at the time of death, because they died so 'emotionally negative', which produces specific EM energy transfers, of the frequency and resonation they require to sustain their existence.

In other words, they feed off  us, like leeches and parasites, and, maggots.

Ok, So, What's the Problem for Us from That?

Ask anybody if they've heard these sayings:

- 'Life sucks',
- 'Life's a bitch, then you  die'
- 'Somebody else got my share of luck'
- 'Why did this have to happen to ME ?'
- 'My ship never came in'
- 'Opportunity Never Knocks on My  Door, or, if it does, I'm always out and about'
- 'When they were  handing out (looks, brains, luck, etc) you musta been at the end of the  line, and they ran out, or you musta been in the wrong line
- 'Be good or the boogey-man will get you'
- 'Mommy Daddy, there's a Monster under my Bed'
- 'Better watch out, better not cry, better not pout,  I'm telling you why, - Santa Clause is coming - to town'

There could be a library dedicated to them all, and bulging, somewhere.

Like at a party, the dessert's never the same size on every plate.

There's probably several very real reasons for these sayings.

For one, there may in fact be  what we could call a 'Monster' under our bed.

And that 'monster' could be Pretas.

The problem is that it's been estimated that since the first modern human was born, some 70 Billion plus have been born, and died.

And, it's also been documented that at least 10 % of NDE's are 'Hellish' experiences.

Perhaps as many as 7 Billion Hungry Ghosts inhabit our planet.

This would mean that for every human alive today, there is at least 1, or more, Pretas - Hungry Ghosts, all looking for sources of 'food', and it's the living they feed from,

and, since, as is true in the animal world we know, it is the most vulnerable and weak who are the commonest victims, it is probable that those of us who's lives are worse than others, have more Pretas than those who's lives are not,  feeding off of them.

The above leads to the conclusion that probably  there is a very serious imbalance between the dead and the living on, in,  and around our planet,

which is causing the vast majority of the ills of  living being suffered by the majority of the living.

And this imbalance is growing, exponentially, as the numbers of people who die  'negatively' grows.

And, as that collective 'negativity' grows, so do we living, collectively, become more 'negative', to the point where, the  imbalance can no longer be compensated for, and our civilization eventually destroys itself, and perhaps the planet too. which is probably  very very close to happening today.

What If Anything Can We Do ?

The Universe and all within it may be -  a giant-sized brain, probably as aware of what is within it, such as us, as we are of what is within our own brains, making them work.

All  within it struggles to maintain themselves, via a huge co-dependant process of 'feeding' off each other, while conversely doing whatever they can - not to be eaten.

Nothing in this universe is good or evil, but, on an individual level, we operate on a relevance perception.

For us, the  living humans, it seems very logical to me that the vast majority of the  unhappiness, the negative of life, is caused by these PRETAS, and we must understand that it is Not something we should refer to as heaven or  hell, god or satan, good or evil, demons or angels, but  instead, finally understand it all in modern scientific terms, and realize we can and must find a way to protect ourselves, much as we would try  to protect or defend ourselves from lions, or parasites, or viruses and bacteria,

we also must learn how we can protect ourselves from the PRETAS doing what they do 'naturally', by using modern technology, inventing personal EM shields, like 'wiring insulation' in electronics, to protect ourselves from this undesirable EM interference. And in this way, I believe we can put a stop to a lot of life's miseries, and the self-feeding cycle of it.

It is well known that our electronic equipment emit EM fields, which can have an effect to varying  degrees on us.

There now are quite a few cellphone EM shields commercially available to protect our brains from the close proximity of cellphone EM fields, which many believe a very good idea for heavy users of  cellphones.

Dr. Persinger of Laurentian University designed some years ago a personal skull-cap shield that can, he says, protect the brain from the influence of external EM fields. But, to date, he apparently has not followed up on it's commercial potentials.

This simple, affordable  device, could probably be our salvation, by eradicating the majority of  'negativity' from living by eradicating the part that is caused by Pretas - Hungry Ghosts

Do We All Become Pretas?

Good heavens, no.

Studies done in  the U.K. on Out of Body, Near Death, and Hellish Near Death Experiences seem to indicate that somewhere between 3 % and 20 % at most.

It's probably far far less than 20 %, much closer to 3 % of people who die  becoming Pretas.

However, if it is, say, 3 %, that works out to approximately 3,000 people per day becoming Pretas.

Over the time of the entire human race, it would mean that out of about 70 billion who've been born and died, between 2 and 7 Billion people have become Pretas to date.

Plus, there seems to be evidence to conclude that it's not necessarily a permanent state of existence.

Like we see in chemical  reactions, Pretas can probably, in whatever way it happens, change in to something we would call a better state of existence. What new-agers  would call a higher plane of existence.

And, as we've only recently  discovered, some may get swept up by the flows of energy from our planet towards the sun.


We've only truly just begun to document the endless wonders, but, so far, science continues to show us that Nature operates pretty much exactly the same from  the smallest to the biggest. From quarks to even the most complex structures of the whole Universe all are built on a few basic fundamental  simplicities.

Scientists have shown us that Energy flows everywhere, between planets and stars and galaxies, which are themselves in fact energy, as are we. All that we are came from the cores of exploding stars when  they die, and these Energy flows when added to our recent mappings of galaxies, miraculously resembles the inner structures and workings  of the human brain.

Just as we humans consume living organisms to  live, the elements thereof becoming part of our bodies to sustain it, to 'think' with, perhaps so too does our Universe, just at a different  scale.

Many people believe our Universe itself is sentient, and if  that sentience is what you wish to call GOD, and perhaps it aught to  be,

then assuming that this theory of what ghosts are and where they go is true, it is essentially only a different bunch of words to describe  and understand a very ancient belief that we all are made of the same  'stuff' as is God, and that when we die, we once again become 'one with God'.

I currently believe that we will find our Universe is in fact  sentient, and very much like us in most ways, and, about as much aware of  us, as we are of whatever sentient beings may be living inside our brain-universes.

What About Religion  ?

As Tom Harpur recently wrote in Toronto  Star,

Religious and Spiritual should mean the same thing.

Religion the way most people practice it, has nothing what-so-ever to do with Spirituality, nor any MonoTheistic GOD, at least not for a very very long  time.

Religion is more like Secular Government, a set of common  guidelines, rules and regulations, a collective bureaucracy that makes it  possible for many people to live together in close proximity.

What About Spirituality ?

Religion has been  telling us for millenia that our true selves is Spirit. That we can related  to and interact with other Spirits, and ultimately with the Supreme Spirit  Being.

And, that after death, if we're good, our individual Spirit  will 'Rise Up' and become ONE with the Great Spirit, the White Light, to be  with GOD.

Since science is so very close to proving beyond doubt that a co-hesive ecto-plasmic energy entity survives the death of the physical body,

Why is it so difficult to accept that this explanation is  precisely the same thing, in scietific terminology, for Spirit.

Science proving the existence of this after-death 'entity' in  no way eliminates nor in any way diminishes the age-old meaning of  Spirit.

Science is proving that meaning is correct.

Which, indeed, gives the whole meaning of Spirit, a renewed reason to believe totally in the 'Higher Plane(s) of Existence', Life After Death, and GOD.

How  you cope with the proof, relate to the proof, and with all of 'that' which  is now scientifically proved to exist, is still your choice, as has always  been said by all religions.

What about Me ?

By understanding what happens scientifically, we can give ourselves the renewal of 'faith-with-proof' in Spirituality, based on the scientific proof of why it is so very important that we all try our best to live what we would call  'good' lives, because none of us truly wants to wind up becoming a Hungry  Ghost.

Our thanks to Mr. Hartwell for sharing his article with our readers! You may visit his personal page and view his video files in regards by clicking here.