The following is a former employee’s account of strange happenings at the former Journey's End Hotel in Etobicoke, ON.

Please keep in mind that this happened years ago (specifically 1993 - 1994).

”I was employed at the Obies Restaurant that used to be in the Journey's End Hotel (Quality now, I believe) at 2180 Islington Ave in Toronto. The restaurant was located on the main level (ground) in the south end of the building. I don't recall hearing about any events happening during the day, but all the experiences I had were all during the evening shifts and occurred to many of the staff. Here is an account of the different events that I can remember. Please keep in mind that most of the events that happened there were centered around the west end of the restaurant.


On this occasion, there were 3 of us involved; myself, (name removed by PRO) the cook, and (name removed by PRO) the dishwasher. We were all in different sections of the restaurant and the restaurant was pretty empty (actually I don't recall anyone being in the restaurant at all). The cook was in the kitchen (north west corner of the restaurant, behind a swing door), the dishwasher was in the staff area (small alcove area by the emergency exit on the south end of the restaurant) and I was at the cash register area (north east end of the restaurant). At the same moment, we each heard one of the other's voice call us by name (I heard the cook call me, the dishwasher heard me and the cook heard the dishwasher - I think that is the right order). We all met in the middle of the restaurant wondering what each other wanted. It was then realized that none of us had called for each other.

Man With The Red Hat:

On many occasions, different staff would see a man who sat in the corner table at the north west end of the restaurant. Mostly it would be when someone (including myself) would walk by and see someone sitting there out of the corner of their eye. When we would look back to serve the table or whatever, there would be no one sitting there. The only way for someone to leave that seat and exit the restaurant would be to cross the restaurant. And no one saw anyone leave. The one thing we all did agree on was that this person was a man, in his mid 30s, with a red baseball cap.

Flying Objects:

There were different occurrences of objects flying through the air. The first that was noticed was witnessed by a restaurant full of customers and staff. The coffee machine by the staff area of the restaurant had the metal filter "fly" across the room. It wasn't that it just fell out or anything like that. It actually flew straight out and landed in the middle of the restaurant (twice in the matter of a few minutes).

Also, in the kitchen, pots stored on a high shelf above the dishwasher’s pit would literally fly off the shelf ( sliding across the shelf until it flew off the end). These were not small pots, but larger and heavier stock pots.

Energy Bolts From The Coffee Station:

This experience was a bit more frightening, as it seemed like an attack on a person. A waiter (name deleted by PRO) was doing his normal cleaning duties (the restaurant was pretty empty and it was close to closing time, around 9pm). He went to the coffee station by the staff area to start refilling and restocking items. In the coffee stand was a small cupboard where we kept a garbage pail. When the waiter opened the door to the garbage, bolts of electricity started flying at him and literally threw him back. He was very distraught by this and screamed as it happened. Seconds after it happened, I received a phone call from my friend (name deleted by PRO) inquiring as to what had just occurred. You see, my friend is a mystic clairvoyant and is very good at what she does. She has worked with many law enforcement agencies in Canada and the USA, such as the RCMP, US Secret Service, CIA, FBI and more. She was the psychic who helped solve the Son of Sam case in the US. I told her on the phone what had just occurred and she told me that there was a poltergeist in the restaurant.

Psychic Visits The Restaurant:

One evening, my friend and her daughter (name deleted by PRO) visited me in the restaurant. She sat in the section that was in the west end of the restaurant, right in the middle of that section. Shortly after she sat down the lights around her table (and only her table) went out. Now, please realize that the lights in the restaurant are on different switches. It was impossible to turn out only the lights around her table as they were on 2 or 3 different switch sections and none of the other lights in these switch sections turned off. She told me that "they" knew she was here and that the lights would come back on shortly after she left. After some talk about what had been happening in the restaurant, her and her daughter got up and left. No sooner did she walk out the door to her car, when the lights around the table that she had sat at came on again.

Taped Footsteps

There was a small room raised above the restaurant (a couple of steps) on the north side of the restaurant that was used as a small meeting/banquet room. One night, I placed a tape recorder in the room on the floor by the west wall. I made sure that no one entered the room and left the tape to record. I brought the tape back to my psychic friend and we listened to it. On the tape you could hear footsteps approach the tape recorder, stop, and then walk away. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to that tape as it is not in my possession anymore.

Well, that is about all that I can remember from that place. I hope this information is useful to you.