The following accounts of unidentified flying objects and paranormal-type activity in the Toronto and Ottawa area was written by Larry Drummond, a friend of Para-Researchers. Enjoy!

I've been interested in UFOs and paranormal events since I was a kid. But when I had two experiences in the 80s that led me to believe I may  have hidden abduction memories, I became more than interested. One was a missing time event with a UFO being sighted. The other was a bedroom  visitation by three non-human entities that literally knocked me out. My  wife was with me during both instances, therefore I don't know if it  was my wife, or me, or both that were abducted. As a matter of fact, I have to admit that I can't really say that an abduction ever occurred at all since I  have no memory of anything beyond the initial events. I have been offered regressive hypnosis but have refused the offer. If I have been abducted I do not want to relive the terror any more than a victim of a  violent crime would want to be hypnotized to relive their terror.
By the time the eighties had come to an end I had accumulated well over one hundred books on all aspects of UFOs. When I realized I was becoming obsessed with the subject I put almost all those books into a large garbage bag and donated them to Goodwill. I then left UFOs alone for the next  decade. I never lost interest, just kept the subject at arm's length. Now I'm back.

My first ever UFO sighting was in the mid fifties. My family was listening to the radio one night when it was announced that a flying  saucer had been spotted over Toronto. We went out to our front porch and there it was. It was just a bright light moving every which way in the sky. We watched it for ten or so minutes then lost interest and returned indoors.

Still in the mid fifties, my family used to spend a lot of time during the summer on Centre Island with relatives that lived there.  This was back when it was a community, before everything was torn down to  make way for an amusement park. After darkness had fallen we would quite often see a wonderful display of lights floating around in the air out over  Lake Ontario. Apparently this is still an ongoing event, check it out at My mother used to tell me it was Bogeymen, now they're  called orbs. These lights were so common that I used to prefer playing in  the sand and water at the beach with other kids and let the adults go ooh  and ahh.                                                                                                           
In 1964 while sitting in a park after dark with a bunch of friends a beam of intense white light shot down from the sky and surrounded us. The light was so bright that we couldn't look up at it.  It stayed on us for a minute or so then moved on to some other kids a few feet away where it hovered for another minute, then the light went out.  Now we looked up and watched as the shapeless dark object disappeared into  the distance. It made no noise, had no navigation lights or rotors, and there was no wind turbulence as would be expected with a helicopter, still we believed at the time it was a helicopter. None of us was the  least bit frightened by this incident.

In 1968 I tore some back muscles and my doctor prescribed valium. I had the odd feeling that I had been in this zombie-like state before and at that time I had floated out my tenth floor bedroom window. I couldn't shake this feeling and it happened every time I looked over to the window.

In 1974-75 we shared a very haunted house with some relatives. Just about every night  there would be a  disturbing tapping noise right at the foot of our bed. It would wake me up and as soon as I sat up it would stop. Usually it  would begin again and continue off and on throughout the entire night. The longer we lived there the louder the tapping got. Also one of the  kids was always complaining of some strange person standing in the first  floor kitchen. No one else ever saw this entity. After about nine months we moved.
In 1982 I woke to find three non-human entities in the bedroom with me. I felt a mild electrical shock moving from my feet up to my head. I remember nothing after it reached my head. In 1987 while at our  trailer up north we had a missing time experience of over two hours. My wife saw a high altitude UFO at the same time.

In 1995 at a cottage on the Ottawa River two of us saw a close-up UFO. It was an orange ball of light  that hovered over our heads for a couple of minutes before taking off.

We spend several weekends per year at some friend's place up north. This is near Lake Simcoe, which is a very spooky area. This particular house has a resident ghost. It's in the form of a shadow that wanders  through the place at will. I was the first to see it in 1998, but after that it made regular appearances for the residents. I think there is quite a lot  of activity happening in the area because I have had many UFO related dreams about this place. These include: neon multi-coloured things that looked like butterflies or birds flying through the house, mysterious helicopters hovering over us in the back yard, and little people running through the  house.
This is just a short sampling of some of the strange things that I have experienced in the past. There is a lot of other stuff and some very vivid UFO dreams that I haven't mentioned here.

So what do all these unexplained experiences add up to? Not much I'm afraid, but there is too much to ignore or write off as coincidence. Having talked to both researchers and experiencers, and having read much on the subject, I find that my experiences mirror those of hundreds of other people that have conscious and/or buried memories of abductions. As I said, I've been  offered regressive hypnosis but refused because I really don't want to delve into what I'm sure would be a very uncomfortable and terrifying  situation. I would much rather leave things as they are, unknown.
I've kept these experiences to myself for decades, only letting the  cat out of the bag occasionally to some very trusted people within the  UFO/Paranormal community. I just figure it's time I allow these incidents to become public knowledge.

                                                     Was A Message Being Sent?

“This would be about August, 1995.

My wife and I and some friends were at a cottage on the Ottawa River. At approximately 10:30 PM two of us were sitting in the backyard just talking.  I was facing the front where I could see the woods, which were set back about a quarter mile or so from the road. Suddenly an orange ball of light appeared above the trees and started slowly to come almost directly toward us. It did not fly in a straight line but more of in a serpentine motion. I yelled to my buddy who hadn't seen it due to some nearby trees and we ran out to the  road. It then stopped and hovered above the road. It was at about an eighty  degree angle from the horizon which meant we really had to crane our necks to look at it.

I estimated the thing to be 10 to 12 feet in diameter and approximately the height of a 15 story building, or 150 feet above  us.

Then it got pretty weird, it started to strobe or flicker or bounce  or something. We really couldn't tell what it was doing. But later we both agreed that it was emitting some strange energy that seemed to affect us. I felt  sort of dizzy or disoriented while under it and I had to look away a few times  because I thought I would lose my balance and fall to the ground. We stood  there watching it for about two minutes and then it was gone. I thought it had  just shut off or disappeared but my buddy said it had taken off at a blinding  speed across the river. We then ran down to the shore where we could see a yellowish light way off in the distance fluttering around.

To add to the strangeness, a military helicopter flew over the exact flight path the next day  but in the reverse direction, at about the same altitude. We have never witnessed military aircraft there before.

As we talked about it later my friend said what he saw was a diamond shaped object with an orange glow around it. All I saw was the glow. Maybe he has better eyes than I do, I wear  glasses.

We mentioned our experience to a neighbour and she told of looking out her back door at about 3AM one morning -- their back yard is also on  the shoreline of the river -- and seeing a saucer shaped craft cruising above the river with multi-coloured lights around it's edge. As it was moving along, beams of white light were directed down to the water below. She became frightened and returned to bed. Her brother across the river tells of seeing a similar craft passing over his house in the middle of the night and his dog  running inside and hiding under the bed.

Back in Toronto the following  weekend I was standing on my 12th floor balcony at night when I saw the same  thing coming across the sky in my direction, but at a much faster speed. I called for my wife to come outside quick. She got there in plenty of time to see this thing fly no more than 30 feet right over our building. Neither one of us  saw a diamond shape within though.

Earlier that summer I was on the balcony with my wife. Suddenly I had the urge to turn around and saw what I  thought was a plane over the next apartment building. I asked my wife who had been facing that way where it had come from. She said that it had come out from behind the building. As soon as I said that two bright white lights came on and began flashing off and on exactly the way school bus lights flash. Then it just  went back behind the building. It definitely wasn't a plane unless they're  making planes that fly sideways now. What was really odd was that for all the brightness of these lights they didn't cast any beam out. I talked to a local UFO researcher about this and he told me he thought that this thing was there to give me a message. Sorry guys, but I didn't get the message, maybe you better come back give it to me again. “

                                                         Who Are These Visitors?

Late summer or early fall, 1982.

“Being a fairly light sleeper I quite  often wake up in the middle of the night. Usually I glance over at the  clock radio to check the time then doze back off to sleep. This particular  night I looked over toward the bedroom door where I saw what appeared to be  three creatures in the in the room. The bedroom was entirely dark but there was some very dim light out in the hall that was coming from a lamp left  on in the living room. This allowed me to see the silhouette of these  creatures, but none of their features. These were not shadowy figures without substance, they were definitely solid and obviously some kind of living beings. One was standing beside the door, another that seemed to be slightly taller was standing in the doorway, and the third was crouching on a laundry hamper which also serves as a night table right beside the bed.  The closest thing I could say that these silhouettes resembled would be the way chimpanzees look when they stand up, but somewhat more humanoid and much more slender. My wife was fast asleep in the bed between me and these creepy things.

The first thought that came into my head was that I  was still half asleep and was imagining all this. I was lying face  down in the bed so I just rested my head back down on the pillow not believing  what I had seen. I mulled it over for a few seconds and realized that I was fully awake. I said to myself, "Wait a minute, those things are really there." I popped my head
up again and sure enough, they were still there and  still in the same position, needless to say a wave of terror came over me. I realized that these things were not human so the thought that they  were burglars never entered my mind. I had no idea what to do, so I pulled  an ostrich and buried my head in the pillow hoping for the best.

As I lay there I felt what only could be described as a warm electrical shock which started at the bottom of my feet and moved slowly up my legs and spine  until it reached my head, that's it, that's all I remember. I woke up the  next morning not much worse for wear and tear, but scared stiff. I started  looking up paranormal researchers next morning to try to resolve it, but  never did talk to anybody about the incident, at least not back then.

You're gonna have to trust me on this one folks, it was a very real and terrifying experience. It was not a figment of my imagination, nor was it a waking dream as I know many of you will want to write it off as. There is no way that I would have just gone back to sleep so easily after  having the living hell scared out of me, so it would seem that these  creatures must have had something to do me passing out. What happened to me after I was out I do not know and I really don't want to know.

A  week or so later my wife suddenly remembered an incident that had happened to her at around the same time. She said she was lying in bed half asleep when someone or something touched her in the middle of the forehead putting her to sleep. She couldn't recall the date so I don't  know if this coincides with the above incident.

At first I put the whole thing off to being some ghostly apparition.However, there were two deaths in  the family less than ten days after this happened, one on my wife's side and  one on mine. Remembering that both my brothers and my father had had the occasional premonition, I finally figured it was probably something along those lines. At least this was the explanation that rode the easiest on my mind. I eventually calmed down and forgot about it.

Five years later a missing time episode would make me not only re-evaluate my conclusion as to what may have happened that night, but also a lot of occurrences in my  past. But that's another story.................”

                                                       Incident At The Trailer

Summer, 1987

“During the 1980s we had a trailer up north and  we spent  most summer weekends up there. One night after the campfire died out four  of us decided to hop into a car and cruise the surrounding back roads. I  remember checking the time when we got back, it was exactly 2:30 AM. Being a bit hungry we quickly gobbled down some snacks and decided to go to bed, that took about twenty minutes, or till approximately 2:50 AM.

We figured we  better use the bathroom first. We had just spent the day moving our trailer to a better lot on the shoreline and hadn't hooked up the washroom  facilities yet. This left us with the option of either a five minute walk to  the public washrooms, or just going outside and doing it naturally in  the darkness. We chose the later.

We stepped out onto the deck and I watched as my wife disappeared around the back end of the trailer, it took about five seconds for her to get over there. I was just about to step  off the deck to go to the front end of the trailer when suddenly my wife was at my side. She was grabbing my arm and yelling for me to look up at something in the sky. I looked up, but I couldn't see anything.

As I said, it took five seconds for her to disappear around back of the trailer,  now  instantly she's back at my side. One second she was gone, the next she's back, it was impossible for her to get back that fast, she would have  to walk or run along the front of the deck to get to where I was, I would  have seen her or, at the very least, heard her coming.

I was  absolutely freaked out at this, I just kept asking, "Did you go, did you  go?" She answered, "Yes, yes, look at that thing in the sky." I looked up but I still couldn't see whatever she was pointing at. Actually, I didn't  care about what was in the sky, I just wanted to know how she could  possibly have magically appeared next to me in the bat of an eye. After I got over the initial shock of what was happening on the ground, I finally  tried to concentrate on whatever she was seeing in the sky. But try as I might, I still couldn't see a damn thing.

I asked her what it looked like, she said that it looked like a star, but with changing colours. She  also said that it kept moving and stopping. Several times she said, "There it goes again, now it's stopped again." All I could see was regular  stars and they weren't moving. Then she came out with, "It's so beautiful, I  can't believe how beautiful it is." I was getting pretty spooked by now, how can a tiny pinpoint of light be beautiful, even if it is changing colour?  Prior to this I had seen a few unexplainable lights in the sky, but I never considered them to be beautiful, fascinating yes, but never beautiful.  I ran over to the trailer and hit the switch hoping that getting rid of  the background light  would give me a better chance of seeing this thing. My  wife then said, "You shouldn't have done that, as soon as you did
it took off."

Next she said, "I wish it would come back, it was so beautiful." I kept asking her why she thought it was so beautiful. She just kept repeating that she didn't know why, it just was. As I said, I was  pretty spooked by all this, it was just too weird. We both remained outside for a short time just in case it came back, it didn't. We  decided to go back in.

As we stepped in I checked the time, it was after  5 AM. We had been out there for over two hours, impossible but true. Actually, the sky was even starting to show some sunrise. The first thing that crossed my mind was an alien abduction since I had read about the Betty and Barney Hill incident, among other abduction cases. We talked about our experience for a few minutes, but then exhaustion got the better  of us and we went to bed.

Next day, without giving ourselves away, we asked all our friends if they had seen or heard anything strange in  the middle of the night. Everybody said they had been awakened by dogs barking wildly all over the park, but no one had noticed the time. I then  asked the couple that we had gone driving with the same question since they  had not gone right to bed either. They said not only did they hear  the  dogs, but also the cows in the pasture behind them were going berserk at the  same time. When they looked out the window they could see the cows on the  run towards the other end of the field, they figured that dogs chasing the  cows was causing all the commotion. If they had looked out the opposite window they may have seen us.The people beside us had a dog and there were several more well within hearing distance, we heard nothing. When we asked this question we hadn't expected such a reply, we had hoped one or more of them had seen, or possibly heard, the UFO. All this just added to the mystery and left a pile of  questions unanswered.

To this day we still do not know what transpired that night. And probably never will.”

Our personal thanks to Larry for sharing his experiences with our readers