Written as an editorial by a friend of Para-Researchers this article does not necessarily reflect the views of all members of our organization. We invite commentary and will consider publishing an article in rebuttal if submitted to the site.

Your generic abduction scenario goes something like this:

You are removed from your home and find yourself lying naked on some kind of examining table. You are totally immobilized and cannot move or defend yourself. You are surrounded by gray, bug-eyed creatures that are performing a very painful pseudo-medical examination on you, which includes biological sample taking. They don't seem to give a damn about your pain and suffering. Next, through telepathy or some other method, they pump apocalyptic images of mass death and destruction into you head which cause you much grief. Then it's on to the messages, again telepathically, you hear such nonsense as, "You are special, you are the chosen one, you are a great leader and teacher of people." Then as quickly as it began, it ends, you find you're back home. Chances are you won't remember much, if anything.

So, what exactly has happened here? You were kidnapped from a place where you felt perfectly safe and hauled aboard what appeared to be a UFO. After some painful prodding and probing you were shown terrifying images then told you were a very special person. It seems to me like you've just been put through some form of psychological test or examination. It's quite possible that this was done for observational purposes. They want to see your reaction to various emotions. Whether they do this this as a clinical study or whether they somehow feed off it is anybody's guess. If they have no emotions of their own, then certainly they wouldn't understand such things and would eagerly study the subject. How better to do that than put a human subject through the strongest emotions possible, fear, anger, sorrow, etc.

As for the biological sample gathering, this is a constant, ongoing event. What the skin, blood and other samples are used for is unknown, perhaps to extract DNA. Human reproductive samples (sperm and ova) are removed and used to produce hybrid creatures that appear to be part human, part alien. Many abductees have reported seeing these hybrids which are usually sickly looking babies and small children. Why these hybrid creatures are created is anybody's guess. The reason could be as simple as trying to improve their race because they are at an evolutionary dead end, maybe even dying off. Or it could be for a somewhat more sinister purpose. Whatever it is, it's well hidden.

Some abductees perceive these experiences to be religious or spiritual in nature, they feel enlightened and some even feel a kinship, or love for their alien abductors. How could anyone that has just gone through such a horrific, torturous experience feel love towards their tormentors? This seems to be the latest fad among abductees, and I fear it's a very dangerous one.

Other abductees even believe they are part of the alien family, some truly believe they are reincarnated aliens put here to bridge the gap between the two races.

Obviously the alien intruders are trying to dupe their victims into believing that they are benevolent, that they're motives are for the benefit of the human race. Of course, a happy abductee is an easy to control abductee. So the more crap they can pump into someone's brain about being a chosen one the better off they are.

Since the aliens can control what we think we see and hear through mind control, it would be easy for them to manipulate how we think of them with a little pampering and bolstering of the ego. Another possible reason abductees are starting to lean towards the good alien theory may very well be self induced. Humans, for the most part, do not like to feel helpless, controlled, or manipulated. So by allowing themselves to believe that they are actually a partner in the abduction process would relieve a huge burden of stress. After all, it's better to be a willing participant than an unwilling lab rat.

As far as these beings lifting anyone to a higher level of spirituality or enlightenment, no way. Once again this is just more pampering, another ego boost to dupe the victim. No one is suddenly enlightened after being inflicted with pain and torment. Once again, it is most likely a self induced delusion.

Loss of health, both physical and mental, can result from the experience. Many abductees change their entire lifestyle after a recalled abduction, some for good, some for worse. Loss of job and the breakup of marriages are not uncommon due to excessive behaviour. Some abductees have even been driven to suicide.

I, and many others, believe that the aliens have their own agenda and are not here performing these experiments for our benefit. Kidnapping and torture are very serious crimes in the civilized world, and these two crimes form the core of the alien abduction experience.

So all of you out there that think you and your space buddies are bettering this planet, I suggest you take a long hard look at what's really going on in your life. You may just find that you're only one of many thousands that have been abducted. Oh sure, you are a chosen one, but maybe you should be asking yourself exactly what you were chosen for?

Good Luck To You All.