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When most of us think of alien contact our minds conjure up images of greys, reptilians, and nordics, which are amongst the most common presented by popular media. Often actual encounters are recalled quite differently, with the "aliens" represented in forms such as animals, ghosts, and all manner of seemingly fantastic creature. The following experience occurred in the early 1970's and is described below in the witness' own words.

"I hestitate to even write to anyone this story. It's far too fantastic to believe by anyone. If someone told me I wouldn't believe it, but here it goes:

You had something about children and ufo's on the site. I've been looking for similar experiences of children to try to make sense of this somehow within myself. I've never heard any report such as what I and my sibling witnessed.

I was about 7 years old. I awoke to find a strange sight. In the middle of the room there were cartoon like creatures floating in the middle of the bedroom. They were pastel colors much like you would see in a cartoon. The even stranger sight was that they were just 5 or 6 inches tall, if that. They shape shifted, and were constantly different shapes and colors. There were many of them. They had a cartoon ship, just like the aliens on cartoons. I watched them for a while and then my sibling who was still in a crib in the room with me, and who was not really "talking" yet also sat up in bed and seemed to look at the same thing I was looking at. I really thought it was a dream until then.

I asked, (name deleted for privacy sake)do you see that? The answer was "yes."

We both watched as they all climbed in their ship and went through a closed window without breaking it. It disappeared out of sight. I didn't mention this to anyone, as it was so strange I was afraid to be thought of as mad.

My sibling came to visit me recently and we spent some quality time alone together. I am now in my forties and my sibling is 36.

Since we were alone, I recounted, reluctantly this story. My sibling said, "I remember, I saw it too."
If (name deleted for privacy) had not also remembered I would not write this to anyone for any reason.

When I was 14 I saw a classic UFO while sitting on a fence at the same house. It rose up over the barn at dusk. I watched it float a while and disappear as I watched it. It faded as if it went into another dimension.

I was wondering if what my sibling and I saw could have been an inplanted memory of some sort. But I also wonder how the same memory could have been implanted into us both.

They seemed to try to show us themselves in a shape that we could understand at our age, cartoons. This is just my reasoning, there was no communication or sounds at all it was deadly silent."

We thank the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have had a similar encounter please contact us. We would appreciate hearing from you.