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We have researched and observed the ghostlights of Ghost Road and other various strange reports for a period of fifteen months at the time of this writing. Our failure to reproduce the 'spooklight's during controlled experiments on ALL, but our last visit had led us to believe that factors other than reflecting car headlights were in fact the true origin of the 'mystery lights'. We also had believed that all credible reports of anomalous light phenomena shared the same origin and cause with the consistent reports of 'ghoslights' and that other phenomena would also be associated. Similar unusual experiences are associated with occurrences of 'ghostlights' and their various names throughout the world.This is not the case and these should have been treated separately.

However, our experiments conducted on July 24th 2001 and detailed here proves that the 'ghostlight' enigma is indeed solvable if not the other more unusual reports at this time.

Vehicle lights travelling downhill at a specific location on the W. Quarter line and refracting over the moist air above lake Scugog are viewed as the 'ghoslights' from the 1/4 km and 1/2 km marks on 'Ghost Road'.

Differing traffic conditions at this specific location of the W. Q line and weather conditions contribute to the differences in appearance of the 'ghostlights'. Example: High beams would be used more often on the W. Q. line during storm conditions.

Any reports received of 'ghostlights' witnessed at the interesection of Mississauga's and Pine Point or physically on the 'Ghost road' itself are not attributed to the above and therefore should be treated as separate events as already explained above.

We have received many reports of possible paranormal activity on the 'Ghost Road' including those made by our own members. The location is famed for it's known 'party' atmosphere, and coupled with the increased anxiety of individuals on the road due to the popular legend; we believe a large percentage of these reports occur due to these and other natural reasons.

It is also our opinion that a smaller percentage may in fact have a genuine preternatural origin, but for obvious reasoning this is pure speculation on our part.

This was our first group investigation and a valuable learning experience for all of us. We would like to give a special thank you to all of those who have contacted us via this website, through emails and talked with us on Ghost Road and shared their experiences. We also wish to thank those fellow investigators who shared their expertise with us, and those friends who accompanied us to the location. And perhaps most importantly the town of Port Perry and residents of Scugog Island. Thank you!


Update July 2008

Over the years people have tried to argue our findings from creepy TV programs that actually filmed the origin of the spooklights with Lisa, Ian, and I in attendance only to decide to push the spooky angle which is completely false instead of portray the reality of our findings, to a defunct paranormal radio show host, to a few people who just hate being proven wrong or more likely would have no where else to go in their search for cheap ghostly thrills..

Thankfully the vast majority who are very serious about ghosts, and hauntings do go out and repeat our experiments with identical results. We have also received much positive press coverage including the October 2007 edition of Owl magazine that featured our investigation (a children's magazine) where yes even kids have been able to prove the car headlight origin.

What this has taught us is that some people particularly if they are attempting to make money from an urban myth have zero interest in the truth, science, or even plain old common sense. Again, thankfully those are few and far between.