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This is more of a rant than anything else, but I do believe the pet peeves raised are valid ones. Throughout the time I have been working with PSICAN, Ontarioghosts, and of course Pararesearchers, and even before when I was on my own I have noticed that people have many misconceptions and would just like to clear some of these up from an investigator's perspective.

1) Why do people assume we know everything and have all the answers? We do try and keep up to date and be in the know, but at times we will tell people the dreaded words " we don't know" we are only human after all. And we are dealing with the "unknown" If someone tells you they know

2) Why is it when we do know something, but it isn't what people want to hear do we then become their enemy? I am sorry to tell you folks, but not all things are supernatural, and a lot of what we do and say is not going to be exciting and what you would like us to tell you. The truth is that real unexplainable occurrences are rare, and misidentifications such as people assuming the raccoons in their attic are ghosts is common.

3) Why when we have very specific answers to people's questions like "is this an Orb" do they feel the need to try and convince us otherwise. If it was an orb and an orb was a ghost, do they not think we would be the first to yell the proof from the roof tops? Of course we would, but belief, and scientific proof are two very different things.

4) Why is it assumed that we as investigators are fearless? I cant answer for all of the team, but I myself do in fact spend a lot of time being afraid. Maybe I picked up the wrong hobby here but heck I don't even like the dark.

5) Why do people still think of "Ghost Busters" when they hear the words paranormal researcher? It was a movie folks nothing more.

6) Why do people think that their first or any investigation for that matter is going to be exciting? Most of the time is spent doing research gathering data and drinking lots and lots of coffee. Despite what is commonly believed we do not go into a reportedly haunted location and come out with loads of scary stories to tell. That is the stuff of television shows only.

7) Why are people only interested in ghosts, and hauntings in the month of October? We are here year round, ghosts spirts etc.. are here year round. So Why then are we only flooded with interest at Halloween?????

8) And the biggest annoyance of them all....... Please don't ask me if I can pass messages along to people. Just because we do research and investigate the paranormal does not mean we are in the loop and on a first name basis with anyone dead or alive!

Rant off.........